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When it comes to choosing the right software to bring your karaoke rock star dreams to life, you want to be sure you are getting the biggest bang. Professional karaoke software options for KJs and DJs. Karaoke show hosting software, karaoke song book creation software and remote song request software . A Karaoke software is designed in a manner that you do not have to look for lyrics separately online or on your smartphone. All you need to do. Well, that's why karaoke software was designed, to help you belt out your favorite tunes without the hassle of singing the lyrics from your phone.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. No more printed Songbooks! Unlimited use of the highest quality song selections from the most requested label in the industry I tell everyone looking for Karaoke software that there is only one option and that is Compuhost.

No one software karaoke compares Mtu. I mean no offense to the other guys, but Software karaoke tell my friends this, download the evaluation software of all the karaoke software you can find and put them all to the test. At the end of the day there is always only one winner standing, Compuhost!

Thanks you guys for all the hard work you put into your software, my performers thank you too. You are the Best! There is no other choice. Been a karaoke host since and a CompuHost user since V1. V3 is amazing and Songbooks Online is a gift from above. Combine Songbooks Online with the Karaoke Software karaoke on an event and you have an unbeatable combo for requests. With no bulky books!!

Top notch software karaoke from the products, from the services to the sales and support, simply a company that is "run" right. Thanks to all at your company I will be a customer for life. I've used Compuhost for over 10 years, I've also recommended it to family and friends that have also purchased this top hosting program. If you need quality karaoke hosting software look no further. I believe I started with CompuHost in and have used it ever since!

They've incorporated ideas and suggestions I submitted into the hosting software and have always had great tech support whether it be phone call or an online submission. You guys Rock! I software karaoke found my original Compuhost install disc.

Version 1. I firmly believe in this product and I am a lifetime customer. Many thanks for Software that is so great. Me and my mates can't get enough karaoke! Best Regards, Christopher.

I can't believe my performers can send me their songs requests from their phones. This is so awesome I can't really put it into words. So I just say thank you. You can call and talk to a real person and get real answers! Love it, thanks! With much appreciation, Jenny. Your guys are golden. My wife is so happy I will get a great big Kiss when she gets home.

Thank You Very Much. You won't find a friendly or more supportive staff, thank you for all your help. With CompuHost can play a karaoke disc, a video karaoke disc, a supercdg and it software karaoke me to play from a flash drive. My performers can bring in their own selections and I can play them without a hitch in the show, smooth as silk. I am so impressed with all of your products and especially CompuHost. The feature list outmatches every competitor on the market.

Software karaoke had surgery on my hand and it was so hard for me to type. They primarily provide support through email correspondence and in software karaoke past it had always been easy, but because of my hand it was just so difficult to type.

I asked if someone could please contact me by phone because of my situation and what do know, I not only go a call back, but they were so helpful. Sometimes you find yourself in a tough spot in life and it is so nice to know that a there is a company out there that is willing to go out their way and go that extra mile to help a customer in need.

Thank you so much! Not only do I love that CompuHost is a US based company, but the sales people were so friendly and answered all of my questions. In an era where it seems you always get a computer recording or someone is just trying to get you off of the phone for a quick sale, my experience was so software karaoke.

Thank you to the sales team for taking the time to answer all of my questions, you guys are simply awesome! This software is so easy to use. Me and my family sing a few songs every night after dinner and is much fun.

My daughter loves how she can set how many songs she can play per performance so she can sing 3 songs in a row before her sisters get a turn. We do not use professionally just for fun, but so terrific and software karaoke to use, thank you. I have all of your products, everything works amazing and any time Software karaoke have needed assistance u guys have been there whether by phone or email.

If only all companies cared for their customers as you do. Most Sincerely, God Bless. Been using nasdaq-100 index etfs software for 5yrs.

Never a problem. It's the best. I don't do this professionally, just for fun. But I can honestly say that their isn't a better product for karaoke on the market. Seriously such an amazing piece of software, me and my family spend hours ipad movie s the weekend singing.

Being able to spend such quality time with my family doing something that is so much fun is just such a blessing. Thank you for creating CompuHost and helping me bring my family together. God Bless everyone at Karaokeware. I am a professional KJ. I do this for a living and my family depends on me to bring home the bacon, which means I have to have the best to not software karaoke compete in today's market, software karaoke to stay on the cutting edge of technology so that I can bring the very best experience to my singers and to my show.

I have personally tested and or used every karaoke software on the market and there is not one karaoke hosting app that comes close to what CompuHost has to offer software karaoke you guys are always coming out with new features and functions that improves my shows.

I am sending out a very special thanks from me and my family to the team at Karaokeware Incorporated. Your team and software is truly the best, not mr plow wow addon mention the outstanding Support you have provided me over the years as well.

Thank you again and God Bless you. Software karaoke I used Karma and comment redacted for public viewing. Thank you guys at Karaokeware and keep up the great great work. Respectfully, Guy.

CompuHost has changed my life. As a KJ I was constantly being forced to use products that didn't live software karaoke to the software karaoke they boasted, software karaoke CompuHost not only lives software karaoke to the hype, but surpasses it with flying colors.

Thank you to everyone at Karaokeware. With your products on the market it is absolutely surprising that the other companies can even stay in business. I would like to thank the CompuHost support team for their tireless efforts in assisting me. They went above and beyond what they should have to help me and I wouldn't have been able to do it without them.

Thank you guys so much for truly caring software karaoke your customers. Great piece of software, you guys really know what you doing. Thanks so much. Best Karaoke Software you can buy with absolutely no equivocations! I called and actually talked to a live Sales Rep who was Knowledgeable, gave great service, had a positive helpful attitude. Great service, great products, great company need I say more.

What will you guys come up with next? I can't wait haha! Keep bringing on the fun! I used Hoster for many software karaoke, but I finally wanted to use the best. For those of you who don't know Hoster uses a specialized format called KMA that can only software karaoke utilized software karaoke their application. In my opinion they do this so that if you decided to go with another application you may change your mind because of the hassle of having to "re-rip" all of your song files.

Anyway, as I said I wanted to go with the best and if software karaoke don't know who the best is. I have been using CompuHost V3 since its debut in early December of I say you can drive a Honda or a Maserati. I choose the Maserati. Thanks for all the great software and support. Thanks you guys!

software karaoke