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MorphMan - MorphMan is the newest release of the most powerful morphing application for PC. New in this version - layered morphing. Програмка позволит вам произвести метаморфозы с одной картинки в другую, с помощью встроенных алгоритмов. MorphMan позволяет сделать не . Morph Man is the most powerful morphing application for Windows, that simply morphs photos, pictures together. High quality warping and video. Download MorphMan By Stoik. MorphMan. MorphMan. Stoik. rate. 0. By Stoik. Advertisement. Latest version. i. You can now download. Download MorphMan - MorphMan is the newest release of the most powerful morphing application for PC. New in this version - layered morphing. morphman 4.0

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MorphMan 4. This version introduces layers which allow for creation of sophisticated morphing effects and easier integration with video compositing tools. Use full power of fast morphing algorithms, onion skin interface, live preview, vector shape tools, edge detection, and motion estimation for creation of hi-end photo-to-photo and video-to-video morphing.

Propagate uses motion estimation algorithm to automatically place transition markers on intermediate frames of video morphing project. Professional task of motion morphman 4.0 is made easier by Animated Tutorials when MorphMan shows you all how-to's in automatic mode. Changes in MorphMan 4. This morphman 4.0 version introduces morphing layers which open ways for creation of new morphing effects and facilitate integration with video compositing tools.

Layered morphing MorphMan morphman 4.0. Each layer is morphed separately with individual rate of sksapps s. Final morphing is obtained by superposition of morphing layers according to their ordering and blending settings.

Morphing layers allow for creation of sophisticated morphing effects: Canvas layer This new feature allows you to do simple video compositing directly in MorphMan and facilitates incorporation of moprhing sequences into video compositing morphman 4.0 in video editing applications.

Canvas is a special type of background layer, which is kept unchanged throughout the morphing sequence. MorphMan allows you to choose still image, video, or solid color morphman 4.0 a canvas.

Thus morphing sequence can be composited with background video or still directly in MorphMan. Alternatively, use of solid-color canvas allows for easy inclusion of morphing clips to video composition project using simple color keying.

Text format of MorphMan morphman 4.0 files opens easy way of integration with other applications through import-export of markers coordinates. Rewritten Gravity morphing algorithm Gravity algorithm which is the most precise and the most time-consuming among 4 algorithms available in MorphMan is significantly optimized with approximate speedup of percents.

Render to Flash animation Batch render of multiple morphing projects now allows direct export of Flash animation in addition to export to AVI, sequence, and morphman 4.0 GIF.

Stardock WindowFX 3. CyberLink PowerDirector 6. CyberLink Corp. NalHeillseere ImageMagick 7. Soniy SoftMaker Office Revision Prizrak LumaPix FotoFusion 5. Gordon WinTools. F][RE MorphMan 4.


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