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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Digipak CD release of Mingus Plays Piano on Discogs. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Mingus Plays Piano (Spontaneous Compositions And Improvisations) on Discogs. Aside from its breath-taking beauty, Mingus Plays Piano is a remarkable document in that it is Charles Mingus' only solo record and he doesn't. Mingus Plays Piano is a solo jazz album by Charles Mingus. The album is notable for Mingus's departure from his usual role as composer and.

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The album opens with Charles Mingus sputtering a percussive motif with one hand while the other riffs out an arabesque fantasia. A fixed pitch struggles with an ecstatic melody and the battleground is rhythm.

Charles Mingus:: Myself When I Am Real. He tables his virtuoso upright skills entirely for the instrument on which he composed. Long out of print, SF archival label Superior Viaduct remastered and reissued this subtle masterpiece earlier this year. Mingus plays piano Plays Piano originally was released on the heels of The Black Mingus plays piano And The Sinner Ladya brilliantly orchestrated, album length composition performed by an eleven piece band of frequent Mingus collaborators.

The Black Saint was a career highlight, but the year leading up to that success was a tumultuous one. He agreed to record a live album with a big band iteration of his Jazz Workshop for United Artists.

Rushed preparations for this maximalist composition resulted in an incident where he punched his longtime trombonist Jimmy Knepper in the mouth.

After that disastrous performanceMingus was exhausted, had gained a lot of weight, and mingus plays piano from painful ulcers.

His wife Judy had just delivered a stillborn baby girl. By most accounts, Charles Mingus never dropped acid. Instead, Mingus would stay up late carousing, ranting at tripping jet-setters, and playing the house piano. He certainly indulged in bouts of excess with all sorts of substances—late night Chinese food among them—but acid scared him.

Music was religion for Mingus, and in that church he was very spiritual and devoted. His immense lust for music encompassed some impossible eccentricities and violent tempers, but all in service to a method, a history. Leary felt that the endless expanse of the unlocked mind had something in common with the generative potential of improvisation.

His first love was classical music—in particular the work of Strauss, Debussy, and Stravinsky, harmonically inventive composers app word bahasa indonesia ushered in the modern period of orchestral music.

But not mingus plays piano alone, because mingus plays piano can be originality in stupidity, with no musical description of any emotion or any beauty the man has seen, or any kind of life he has lived. Life is on display in Mingus Plays Pianoand origin point of original, musical description. Listen as he tenderly sings along to himself, alone at the piano. This is just so great. I really like the old Mingus and to find he playd piano as well is a great surprise. Skip to content.

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mingus plays piano