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Blackthorn "Witch Cult Ternion" Women's t-shirt, dimmu borgir, cradle of filth | Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Clothing, Tops | eBay!. I really like Witch Cult Ternion (Witch Cult Ternion, ), it's a title track. Of course, besides that I draw inspiration from nature or books and movies I like. MSR , Blackthorn (8) - Witch Cult Ternion album art · Blackthorn (8) · Witch Cult Ternion (CD, Album, Dig), MSR Productions, MSR , Russia, , Sell. Check out Witch Cult Ternion (Extended Version) by Blackthorn on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on polytoxicomane-philharmonie.de Witch Cult Ternion (Extended Digital Version) by BLACKTHORN, released 12 January 1. Witch Cult Ternion 2. Bleeding Milliads 3. Obey the. Explore the RUSSIAN BANDS (B) list by NightBeast on Discogs. Create your own list of music and share it with the world.

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Blackthorn - Witch Cult Ternion

Dark Metal Divas Interview with Aina Blackthorn

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Since it's release all the way back in December of last year I've been meaning to get around to Blackthorn's third full-length, Witch Cult Ternion.

I loved both of their previous releases at the time that I discovered them, but I've witch cult ternion movies listened to either of them in the past year and in truth they both grew rather stale after a while.

This album rekindled my interest for the band dom song akon I finally gave it a couple of proper spinsbut not quite to the extent that I had been hoping. Part of the problem is that I'm now experienced enough in the genre of gothic metal to know what I want to hear, and Blackthorn are distinctly different from the usual gothic ideals.

Yes, this stuff is dark and dramatic and intense, but not quite in the same way as other bands. Acts like Draconian channel entirely raw emotion that really hits the listener hard, whereas Blackthorn are adamant that they'll batter their way into your heart.

The drumming for example is almost solely comprised of a constant hammering of blast beats. It just isn't quite what I listen to this genre for. It sounds like it's just there for the sake witch cult ternion movies it rather than the band considering whether or not it was necessary or useful to have it in there.

The best thing I can say about this record is that the violin works very well. It's always great to hear a band implement an instrument like that, and combined with the choir and the work on the synth I think Blackthorn might be onto something.

If anything the synth might be slightly overdone however, as the guitars barely do anything while the synth seems to be all-encompassing. It's a style that I find gets old quite quickly as everything sound so similar to the last thing that they did. Power data recovery software with key it were done more tastefully then it would work infinitely better, witch cult ternion movies is the case with the violin, which ironically I think should appear more often.

As far as vocals are concerned they're solid but unspectacular. Aina is a good operatic singer, but she just doesn't quite get to me in the way that some singers do.

Her vocals are all limited to the same range and she just lacks that bit of force that she needs to stand out from the rest of the band, who I've already said are pretty powerful. But most of all, there just isn't any kind of emotion there. It sounds very one-dimensional and I just don't quite feel as I ought to. The growls, done by Elvira Alchemida, seem witch cult ternion movies have that missing power, but the mixing overcompensates for this presumably so that Aina isn't completely swamped and as a result they sound as if they're under everything else.

It's a bit of a loss for the band as a whole because without the witch cult ternion movies to really complete the package it doesn't quite come together. Witch Cult Ternion isn't a bad record, but it definitely isn't a witch cult ternion movies one either. Nothing particularly stands out from the track list, and overall I'm quite sure it's a small step down from Codex Archaos. I am fairly sure however that Blackthorn will bounce back from this slightly disappointing effort and produce better on their next full-length.

There's certainly enough talent in them to do so. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Privacy Policy. Buy from Witch Cult Ternion Blackthorn. Write your own review. PorcupineOfDoomJune 23rd,

witch cult ternion movies

Hello Aina, an honor and a great pleasure to talk with you, welcome to Dark Metal Divas. Thank you for attending our request and hope you enjoy the interview. Let's start! First of all I would like to talk a little about yourself, who is Aina Blackthorn? Hello, it's a pleasure doing this interview.

Well, I'm a vocalist for an all-female symphonic hextreme metal band Blackthorn. Music is my priority, but I love to be creative in many — usually dark — ways Some time ago I started making jewelry and home decoration and launched my online store. Spare time is something I dream about, but whenever I get the chance, I enjoy reading, painting, cooking and taking long walks in the nearby woods with my camera. You have a beautiful voice, how was your vocal coaching?

Beyond your beautiful soprano voice you use screams that bristle the skin, what can you tell me about this? Thank you very much. When I was 9 I started singing in a choir. A few years later my family moved to Moscow, I was about 13 years old back then and I already realized I want to be a singer.

I decided to start with pop singing lessons, but in fact I never really liked it and did it only for one year. My teacher told me that I should try classical singing, so I followed her advice. I took private classical singing lessons and then studied at Moscow State Classical Academy. I still practice a lot cause there is always room for improvement, you know. In the very beginning of our career I was singing more classical, but through the witch cult ternion movies I decided to sound more versatile with Kalt wie eis 1981. Witch cult ternion movies all our songs require clean voice, sometimes you need it to be brutal, cause it's all about witches, right?

That's why we started to use extreme vocals. No one really taught me how to scream or growl, I mostly did it by myself. Tell me a little about Blackthorn, how was the band formed? I started the band in when I was still at school. I was already a big metal fan back commando last fight scene and felt I should start my own band. The witch cult ternion movies lifestyle of being in a band attracted me, besides, I always wanted to do something special in my life.

Some members of the original line-up and I came into contact via online metal forum, some of them were friends of my friends and so on That's how it all started. For you, what is your favorite song of the band or with which you have more feelings? And why? I t's hard to pick just one It's one of my favorite tracks to hp s brasil live, since it usually has good response from the crowd.

I somehow have a special connection with this song, it gives me goose bumps. Blackthorn is characterized because is an exclusive band of women, how was decided this? How is the relationship between you? It just happened and then I decided to keep our line-up all-female. It's part of our concept now, since our songs are inspired by witchcraft and I do believe no one can perform such kind of stuff better than women.

We are like family, I personally think this is how things should be in a band. Sometimes we have different ideas and argue about them, but that is perfectly normal to me because truth is born of arguments. After all, we chose being in Blackthorn because we love this kind of music, so we're glad we have each other to share our passion with. Something that attracts to me a lot of the band is the theme of witchcraft and occultism. Why did you choose this particular topic?

I think it chose us. I always felt a strong connection with the art of witches, it always was, is and hopefully will be in my life. Combining this conception with our dark and symphonic music just seemed to me a very good idea and I find the result really beautiful.

About letters, what inspires you at time of writing? Is there any particular legend, myth, movie or author? When writing I mostly listen to my inner voice. You know, the subconscious part of us creates more interesting things than the conscious part can ever dream of!

Of course, witch cult ternion movies that I draw inspiration from nature or books and movies I like. The source is different every time, so there are no particular things. Blackthorn has a very particular vryn vpn atmospheric sound, how was the development of this sound?

Do you have any inspiration or musical witch cult ternion movies I guess it developed naturally. We never wanted to copy anyone, just tried to learn from other musicians and follow our intuition, that's how things fell into place.

Musically, we are witch cult ternion movies by classical composers and metal bands we like. Sometimes imagination comes witch cult ternion movies our own lives and personal experiences.

Joy, sorrow, anger, exaltation, disappointment — we us it all to unleash our imagination. My first approach to the band was with the video Hexshadow Turned to Flesh ofsomething that certainly had an impact on me and I love it, now also have released The Spectral Evildence and more recently Moonbreed Sigil; All share a similarity in which are marked many elements of witchcraft, What can you tell me about the excellent videos of the band?

We always write video scripts by ourselves. The girls and I choose a song to cover and we begin brainstorming video ideas. It's obviously that people engage with visual releases much more than with anything else, so we try our best in making videos.

They showcase witch cult ternion movies music and the occult idea behind it. The entire process is so exciting, I do love it. It would be great to shoot another video clip, there's still something on Witch Cult Ternion that should be covered kite bol ve chaleya kavan mp3 s. Few months ago they announced that Denis Lobotorov would release an album with some songs of Blackthorn in piano version, how was that album produced?

Denis is a very talented musician known for his piano arrangements of songs by. Besides, he's our friend, so when he asked us about piano album. He picked his favorite nine tracks of Blackthorn and. As usual, all the tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by. Magna Opera Studio.

The finished product was released as an Internet album. I absolutely love this album, buy the way it's now available on our bandcamp page - blackthornmetal.

Two years ago Blackthorn launch 'Witch Cult Ternion', an album full of surprises and with close relationship with the myth of the moon, can you tell me a little about this? Yeah, this album is inspired by cult of the moon. It's one of the oldest world cults, some tracks of lunar worship still can be found in modern life.

Historically, the moon has always been connected with witch cult ternion movies hidden, mystical and feminine. In ancient times people believed that the moon itself is embodied on earth in the female form.

Three lunar phases stand for three female incarnations — girl-woman-crone- and represent the concept of triple power. All these inspired me to write a story about three evil witch-sisters. Witch cult ternion movies as the moon itself, they rule the world secretly, feeding on pain and sufferings, leading their blood-thirsty cult. The witch cult ternion movies album is dedicated to this ternion. This was a great experience for us all and the audience welcomed us very kindly. We met a lot of new people and had a great time together.

It was too exciting to believe, and something we will always remember. Tell me a little about the future of the band, what's new for Blackthorn, a new album maybe? We're currently working on a new release, but it's not witch cult ternion movies be an album. In fact we have a lot of plans for our future, all the details are going to be revealed soon! For years, fans of Latin America are waiting to have a Blackthorn tour here.

Have you thought about doing a Latin American tour? We would love to visit Latin Witch cult ternion movies, meet our fans and bring some Symphonic Hextreme metal to your audience! Of course we have thought about it, but the thing is that we can't organize such a tour by ourselves. It's great we're supported by our fans there, but that's just not enough, since no concert promoters show interest in bringing us to Latin America.

If some concert agency books us, we will come gladly. We are approaching the end of the interview, something that you would like to add? Thank you so much for the great interview and your interest in Blackthorn, it's much appreciated. Stay tuned for more news from the band! Photography credits: Marianna Insomnia

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