tipicno muski colonia

Colonia is a Croatian dance music duo from Vinkovci, Croatia. They have released twelve albums and over 35 singles to date with various songs and albums. It is a song from the point of view of Galahdian refugees who now live in Insomnia . The original song is from the Balkan group Colonia called "tipicno muski". SUBOTA SEPTEMBAR SPLAV DVA GALEBA Rez na tel polytoxicomane-philharmonie.de Colonia - Tipicno Muski ♪ ♫. Colonia - Tipicno Muski. Colonia: ' - Tipicno Muski - So Manfully (Retro Remix) / Media-Club, multimedia club (MP3, Photo, Lyrics, Album Cover). Only a true Croatian can make such lovely typical sound.


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