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We use cookies on The Sims Resource. By continuing to use the site you accept our cookie policy. You can change your settings at any time - read more in our. Has anyone managed to make a retail store of any kind that is actually Making money with retail stores is easy if you're not selling stuff worth pennies. 2 . I have no employees, my family of 4 runs it between going to work. Build an run a successful retail business if you have the expansion The Sims 4 Get to Work. See what you are able to sell in your retail store. The Sims 4's Get to Work Expansion Pack marks the return of the Open for Business style management of retail stores, which Simmers have missed since The. With the return of retail in The Sims 4 Get To Work, Simmers across the world have produced some extraordinary retail stores that take full. You rule in The Sims 4. Create new Sims with big and distinct appearances. Control the mind, body, and heart of your Sims and play with life in The Sims 4.

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PIRIT KORIS NA JOSH MP3 Customers and Sales Retail: To hire a new employee, go to your store lot and select the Store Panel. When you are interacting with a customer, the order of socials doesn't seem to matter, but save the newer ones that appear as you woo the customer for when the blue bar is higher. Your email address will not be published. You have multiple sims 4 store s for where to start your business. Round Barn Bargain Outlet Jul 6, by fordfocus Veteran Sims players may be reminded of several previous iterations of the franchise, but there are a few key differences.
BACK2BASICS WOW SIZE The rest is up to you! Any lot that doesn't have something else on it will automatically be flagged as Retail when purchased. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Stories Screenshots. Thanks again! Most players will prefer to make their own from scratch on an empty lot. Once placed, your Sim can interact with it and create a full outfit from sims 4 store s whole suite of clothing from Create a Sim.

Nearly anything in the game can be sold for a profit, and you've got a number of options to help you sims 4 store s how your business is run and rake in the Simoleans. The Retail features work similarly no matter what type of items you want to sell, so this guide is relevant to anything from a variety store or bakery, to an art gallery or book store.

Maxis and The Sims Studio decided to bring in the ability to dress mannequins and sell outfits, so even clothing shops are possible with the business system. Retail Perks and the ability to promote employees and designate their uniforms gives a lot of customization options for the player to make their dream business.

Because this one runs the risk of being too long, I'm breaking it into three sections: With introductions out of the way, here's a guide to everything you need to know to run a successful business in The Sims 4 Get to Work! You have sims 4 store s options for sims 4 store s to start your business. First is the new area of Magnolia Promenade where there are four lots to choose from. You can elect to take over one of the three pre-built lots for sale there, which are expensive but established businesses that you can manage.

Most players will prefer to make their own from scratch on an empty lot. You will be taken to a world selection sims 4 store s, from which you can browse lots to buy in any Neighborhood that you own. Any lot that doesn't have something else on it will automatically be flagged as Retail when purchased. If the lot you sims 4 store s isn't available, see below to make it possible. It's best to have some items and cash on hand from some other means of making money because you must invest at least a little money into the business, which we'll look at next.

Mark a Lot as Retail If the lot you want to run your business on already has a house or store built on it, you can set it to retail to allow you to purchase it when selecting where to open your business.

This will evict any households living there and let you then go through the above process to purchase the lot for your business. Investing in the Business When you first create your retail shop, you'll need to transfer some money from household funds. This acts as the business's bank account, allowing you sims 4 store s build, stock items, and cover employee salaries. Don't worry about putting too much into it, because as the business owner you are able to take money out of its account at any time.

While your Sim is on the business lot, the cash value you see at the bottom will be the business funds - not your household's. If you're running out of cash for the store, there's a sims 4 store s button just to the left of the funds at the bottom that enables you to sims 4 store s money to and from the business.

You can also click the cash register to do this, but why bother when the developers provided this handy little way of doing so. From there, you can do many of the things discussed below. Designing the Business Lot The only requirement for your business is a counter and cash register, which mainly seems to hold money as customers won't line up to check out but rather stand near the item they want to buy.

Once that is done, you can design your lot as you see fit. There are ample shelving options to suit your needs, from refrigerated cabinets for foods and display cases, pedestals for beautification to basic metal shelves that can hold several objects at once. Consider placing items that provide a flat environment score to the room where the majority of shopping will be done, as that may help you to make more sales.

Your salesmen will have a better success rate with customers and the retail-oriented interactions if they're in the right mood. Go for flat environment for happy, and anything that raises confidence to help put them in that helpful mood.

Buy signs for the outside of your shop to raise curb appeal and get more customers. Selling Goods The design of your business lot sims 4 store s matter much, but having a wide selection of objects seems to help.

Having plenty of different things in the store gives customers more options, though no central theme is necessary. You can run a variety store with any random objects you want to sell. Sims 4 store s, clothes, and rotten fish? No problem! Certain things, like paintings, need to be placed inside your Sim's Household Inventory in order to be sold at the business. You can't otherwise access those crafted items sims 4 store s have been placed in the home.

Anything you can sell will be replaced with restocking, even rare items and specific paintings. Sims 4 store s isn't a way for you to duplicate those rares, just a realistic mechanic that lets you buy a new one to sell to the next customer. In order to mark an item as For Sale, simply click it to instantly toggle the option.

You can pause the game once everything is placed, then go through and mark everything intended for sale. It's easier if you click the cash register and select, 'Toggle For Sale Tag', as you will see each item for sale have the red sims 4 store s and better know if you've missed something.

Simply click this again to turn it off. Selling Clothes Buy Sims 4 store s to sell clothing in your store. You can design the clothes yourself in Create-a-Sim, or have the game generate random outfits when you click a mannequin. You may change the mannequin's pose. Clothing comes in at about the same prices no matter what type it is, so in general having the maximum 10 mannequins on your lot with a variety of clothing types and genders sims 4 store s a good idea.

You should probably flesh out your store with some extra objects to give customers more choices on things to buy. Selling Food or Operating a Bakery Making a bakery or selling any other type of food works similarly to other types of retail, except the need for refrigerated display cases to keep food fresh much longer. This means you don't have to keep cooking food, but you should! Because you can keep baking and selling in this way while avoiding restocking fees, operating a food store of any kind features one of the higher profit margins in the game.

It just takes a bit more of your time. You can get some of this time back by skipping the usual refrigerated hoempapa muziek en and utilizing the vending displays. With a vending display, a customer doesn't need to be rung up to make a purchase!

They can buy it straight away, so you can have your employees cleaning and working customers while your main Sim cooks. Price Markup Pricing relies on a simple system that makes sense - you control the store's overall markup rate by clicking the cash register or interface at bottom right.

Your array of markup options include:. The cheaper your products, the more likely customers are to buy them without any interaction. With exorbitant prices, you can expect to have to drive a hard sell on the customer and use many interactions to earn the money. Start with the default and tweak prices based on what you're able to handle. If you're only getting a few customers, you may raise prices a bit so that you can work them individually.

Once you have employees, consider lowering them back to base so that more can happen autonomously. At that point, the only reason to raise them is if you've got a lot of Retail Perks or are missing a lot of sales.

Restocking Restocking items is a necessity to running the shop. You will want to prioritize the higher value items, because another customer may be interested in purchasing it.

Overall, one of each thing is plenty because of the ability to put that item back. It takes about 30 minutes to restock something. When multiple items need restocking, direct an employee to take care of that so your Sim can manage customers. The Customer - Pitching a Sale Know that while some customers will buy something without you doing sims 4 store s, others will only buy if you happen to successfully deploy the Retail social options on them.

The blue bar above a customer's head indicates how likely they are to buy something when done shopping more on this in the Georgia auburn catch video er section of the Guide.

You can raise this bar faster by interacting with them. For running a sims 4 store s as well as generally playing Sims 4 I recommend you go to your gameplay options and select, "Traditional Social Menu" so that Retail is always there when you first click a customer.

The same is true for the Manage social options for employees and Assign Work Task. You want these options accessible with a click so that it's easy to use them multiple times rather than click three times sims 4 store s each interaction.

When you are interacting with a customer, the order of socials doesn't seem to matter, but save the newer ones that appear as you woo the customer for when the blue bar is higher. Your Sim's Mood and Charisma may come into play for success rates here, and as you use the socials and get positive results you will eventually see the customer head toward an item and be ready to be rung up.

You can then let an Employee handle them or go for it yourself if it's a big item to ensure it's sold and move on to the next customer. You will rack up Retail Perk points for performing these interactions, and it's a steady stream in between sales. Once a customer has made a decision to buy, a shopping cart will appear over their head and you'll get a notification. This means they're ready to be rung up. The amount of time it takes them to give up seems to be about Sim minutes, max.

It will start blinking around 30 minutes, so if you have two that are ready at once and you're behind on this, take the one that sims 4 store s near the most expensive item to maximize your profits. If it's blinking really fast, choose the other as it will take your Sim a moment to initiate the interaction. You can't get them all.

If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed, again I will say that you should consider raising prices by one notch or hiring more employees via Perk Points. Things that Can't Be Sold The Retail feature of Get to Work is so inclusive of player ideas that a list of things you can sell would be tiresome. It's better for people who are wondering about this sims 4 store s I focus on those things that cannot be sold, in order to rule them out. In short, you can't sell things that are purely decorative and can't be clicked.

While you can sell things like lighting, because it can be clicked to bring up a menu, things like rugs, building elements like walls and doors, outdoor shrubbery, and trees can't be clicked.

Surfaces can't be sold, because what would happen to sims 4 store s objects on them? If it's a decorative item that can't be admired or interacted with, you won't be able to sell it.

If you can click it and get an interaction, your Sim can probably sell it. Things that exist solely in your Sim's inventory and cannot be placed in the game world, like garden shoots for grafting, also cannot be sold.

Progress report writing slideshare can sell it, and make a tidy profit doing so. This lets you choose who to hire, promote to give a raise, and even fire if they just don't meet your expectations or are just plain slacking too much. If you're just starting a store, you should probably manage it yourself at first then bring in an employee once you know where you need help and have started to turn a profit.

They have three Skills related to Retail: Maintenance how well they are at cleaning and restocking the storeSales pitching to customersand Work Ethic reduced odds of them slacking. They gain levels in these from performing related tasks, or as in the case of Work Ethic, being berated and praised, so don't worry if you hire someone with a weak point - work on it or keep that person working in other areas.

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Control the elements to summon thunderstorms, clear up overcast skies, or jump between seasons. Revel in Seasonal Activities — Year-round activities provide Sims fun and entertaining ways to enjoy the seasons. Bundle up to build a snow pal with sims 4 store s, create snow angels, or perform cool tricks at the skating rink.

Toss on a raincoat to splash in a spring shower and explore the outdoors to earn badges as a scout. Dress Sims tender application new swimwear to cool off in the sprinkler or play in the kiddie pool. Harvest honey in the fall, play in leaves, or sims 4 store s child Sims make homemade holiday crafts.

Celebrate the Holidays — Decorate your home and bring Sims together to celebrate heartfelt holiday traditions. Ring in the new year with a celebration, enjoy a romantic date during Love Day, or gather the family for a bountiful harvest feast. Watch as your Sims count down the calendar days until Winterfest, where presents are gifted, decorations are hung, and Father Winter pays a visit.

You can even create custom holidays and choose how your Sims celebrate. Grow Your Gardening Career — Create beautiful bouquets and unearth new discoveries in the gardening career.

With a newfound green thumb as a floral designer, Sims craft flower arrangements and make deliveries around town. Love the seasons and weather change, but do not like the lag that comes with it. Absolutely my favorite pack. Adds so much to the game and playing experience. I love it. Love all the items and new interactions. I cannot describe in characters how happy I am about this!

So glad it finally came to console! They wouldn't sale a newly released DLC I said. It's bad business I said. Well, I'll say this now: I'm the biggest sucker on Earth. And to an EA game no less I was very hesitant before buying this DLC.

But seasons was always my personal favorite addition to the Sims since 2. But no. The idea is evil. Anyways, it's the Sims Seasons: Par for the course stuff. Love the game could not wait to try it BUT, it will not save my game not at all i am so hurt, mad, pissed i am at a lost on what to do. I'd love to see sims practice magic!! Real Magic! Maybe raise tables with Ouija boards?

Sims getting possessed by spirits?? Being able to create potions or cast spells that boost your sim in love, work, or basic needs, you could hurt others with binding, attaching spirits to others, or insanity But they can only use it during meditation, so that should be added to the social options for your sim.

There should be a level for meditation too. The higher it is, the stronger your spells are. The potions have to be made from herbs, so you'd add some seeds like Sage, Rosemary etc to the pack. Some spells require a candle, oils, or other tools to perform them.

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