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Conventional GIS methods and Geovisualization are compared and GIS software is more useful for analytical purposes; whereas web based. Mapbox is a geo-visualization platform that gives easy to use set of tool for creating beautiful web and mobile maps. It offers users a full control. Geovisualization – Software. Software – Application. Application – Software. - CommonGIS. - GeoDa. - GeoWizard Lite. - GeoVista Studio. - ESTAT. - GeoViz. In this paper, MATIND data have been used for comparing conventional GIS methods with a newer web based GIS tool-Geovisualization. GIS software is more. Geovisualization or geovisualisation (short for geographic visualization), refers to a set of tools Geovisualization is closely related to other visualization fields, such as scientific visualization and Planners use geovisualization as a tool for modeling the environmental interests and policy concerns of the general public. geovisualization software s


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