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Generation, Chipset, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, VAAPI · Vulkan graphics will need to install additional firmware from sys-kernel/linux-firmware package. Scroll down to find a table of known abgn+ac wireless adapters with chipset, device ID, and probable Linux driver. The AC adapters listed. User:Alicef/Gentoo Chip. From Gentoo As now i just tried with Gentoo Prefix and works Retrieved. lsinput · sys-apps/input-utils, Small collection of linux input layer utils chip dumping, register-level access helpers, EEPROM decoding, and. This document describes how to use the platform on Gentoo. Note that in KERNEL for CH serial converter chip (can also be a module).

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How to Gentoo Linux. Post has attachment. Juan Garcia. Y ustedes a quien apoyan Translate Show original text. Add a comment Post has shared content. Marcos Oliveira. Originally shared by Gentoo linux chip Root. This is the look of my desk.

Vadim Suharnikov: Cool wallpaper. Looks like Kali gas mask. Matt Byrne. This is crazy Intel p. What is the benchmark tool? Matt Byrne: Just gnome-disks. Terminal Root. My gentoo of February. Phillipe Knopp Machado: Thanks bro, great. I also want you to tell me what packages from portage you installed to have a fully-fledge KDE.

Now is June sir. Michael Boyle. Got my encrypted gentoo finally up and running. Aho Thank you so much for explanation. Dynamic Equilibrium: All the configuration of the system is handled driver leboss gze168 google the package manager.

Finally got my gentoo t-shirt. William Talkington: My new build. Xfce4 is good on gentoo. I might try KDE one day. Was at the St Louis zoo and found the best animal! I love gentoo linux chip Looks like you've reached the end. Unable to load gentoo linux chip. Wait while more posts are being loaded. Drag photos anywhere to start a new post.

gentoo linux chip

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Another person making their stream-of-consciousness available for everyone to see Post a Comment. The Mad Computer Scientist's Mind. Monday, January 18, C. Flashing under Gentoo Linux. Well, it's time to give some credit where credit is due gentoo linux chip the people at Next Thing Co. They are actively looking into gentoo linux chip to make reflashing the device easier, and gentoo linux chip given some updated instructions about how to do the reflash.

In the name of hoping to help someone rather than complain, I would like to give some instructions on how to reflash the C. This should also give those who are interested in some of the particulars of the flash process a starting point to how it all works. Step 1: Don't do anything just yet - just read over how the process works.

It will help to understand why this process is actually a bit easier. Choose a location to work - make a new subdirectory, and make that a nice clean workspace. Get into that directory. Step 3: Get the sunxi-tools and compile them, as specified in the instructions.

Note that Gentoo has a masked version of sunxi-tools which may work I didn't bother trying this, but it may work for you. This was relatively simple: The "FEL" mode is, as I understand it, a diagnostic mode of the SoC that allows it to be manipulated in various ways outside of its normal operation kind of like JTAG, but more powerful and less mysterious.

Step 4: You'll want to look at these sometime as it provides some insight on the flash process. Well, as you'll see in the next step, that isn't entirely correct Step 5: Install the Gentoo linux chip tools and an extra thing The scripts that do the flashing need to put the binaries in the proper format and talk to the SoC in a way that I'm still not sure about. Suffice to say that two utilities are needed in this process, temper3k9 yahoo that's fastboot and img2simg.

The fastboot utility seems like a swiss-army knife for talking to Android devices, and apparently the C. The img2simg utility converts a boot image into a "sparse" image, in 2M chunks. I'm not sure why this is done this way, but it's needed. You'll have something like this: Unfortunately, the img2simg utility is not compiled in the Gentoo ebuild, so you'll need to do this by hand. The easiest not the most efficient way to do this is: Step 6: Install u-boot-tools. These are used to format some of the boot images into the proper format for flashing, since the C.

Again, since we'd like to use a newer version of U-Boot tools than Gentoo has agreed is stable, we'll add this to a package. Important note: Doing this as gentoo linux chip unprivileged user isn't a bad idea - especially since you'll be running shell scripts you're probably not too familiar with.

If you are comfortable doing this as root, then you won't need to add that user to to the usb group. Step 7: Let's get ready to flash the board. Become the user you wish to do all the flashing as, and mp4 music er software to your CHIP-tools directory.

Then make sure that the sunxi-tools and current directory are in your PATH: This can be done with a small piece of 24 gauge solid wire, although using a proper solderless breadboard-style jumper would be better.

Then connect the C. The C. Step 8: This will completely wipe-out whatever you had on your CHIP. The NTC documentation in the web pages referenced above explains the other flashing options that are available. These may be handy to know if you want to put a different OS onto the C. I'm actually thinking of installing Gentoo Linux on the thing at some gentoo linux chip, because I loathe systemd as I said in my previous gentoo linux chip.

If gentoo linux chip follow the above procedure, you will see a dialog similar to the following similar because the scripts already downloaded the firmware during a previous, unsuccessful, run: Mon Jan 18 Image 0: Once this is complete, you can unplug the C.

You should see an updated version of Linux as well as a nicely functioning board. After this procedure, I rebooted the device several times, and it had no more problems booting as it did previously. I have not tried to actually do anything gentoo linux chip it yet, since I had other things I needed to do this evening. I expect, though, that I'll be pretty much back to where I was when I first gentoo linux chip the device.

Now that I've gotten past this hurdle, I'm hoping to try doing "computer things" with the C. It looks like it could be a nice device, but given how fragile the flash memory is on the unit so far, I'm a bit gun-shy about doing too much tinkering with the OS yet Hopefully, this will help someone get through the reflashing process - especially those who are familiar with Linux or who are using Gentoo Linux, and don't want to install a whole VM and development environment.

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