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The evil Grub Burger fast food chain has bribed their way into DinerTown™ and is threatening to drive out the local diners with their cheap prices, sneaky tactics and the mysterious Ingredient X! Buy DinerTown Tycoon. Bring wholesome food and local eateries back to DinerTown to. DinerTown Tycoon™. The evil Grub Burger fast-food chain bribed its way into DinerTown? and is threatening to wipe out the local competition with cheap prices. New version of DinerTown Tycoon resolves Flash issues, 2, 1, Aug 6, 10 AM Post any DinerTown Tycoon technical issues here only, 6, 3, Dinertown Tycoon is a simulation game in which you will help the heroine of Dinertown "Flo" save Dinertown from the overtaking of Grub. Release your tension with DinerTown Tycoon, a Time Management game released by PlayFirst. You are the owner of a small restaurant.

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Let's Play Some Dinertown Tycoon

Dinertown Tycoon is gracie combatives blue belt qualification course simulation game in which you will help the heroine diner town tycoon Dinertown "Flo" save Dinertown from the overtaking of Grub Burger.

There are 5 restaurant districts with restaurants in each that you will be required to do various tasks for in order to save. You will purchase items after studying the kalt wie eis 1981 market diner town tycoon in the daily newspaper, put together a menu based on market research of your diner town tycoon base, price the items of your menu based on market demands, purchase decor for your restaurant to bring in more customers, and purchase various advertising for you restaurants.

After you make these decisions for each day you will get to see how diner town tycoon decisions play out while watching time elapse. Once you have served a predetermined number of customers for each restaurant you will have saved that restaurant from diner town tycoon overtaking of Grub Burger! Each District has 2 to 3 restaurants each with a specific customer base that requires specific food ingredients offered on the menu.

To make these people happy you must purchase menu items that contain these customers favorite ingredients. To learn which items a customer prefers, you will diner town tycoon to do market research on them and purchase this information by clicking on the "Goal Screen" or you can use the information provided to you here as the diner town tycoon research has been done for you for each customer base.

Study the daily overview. Here you will click on "Overview" on the left hand side of screen and will study the information presented to you. Purchase advertising Each level offers various advertising you may purchase at the beginning of each day.

Click on the item to choose it and then you may drag it to anywhere on the screen you feel it would be strategic to place the item. A few items do not move. Those items that do move will show a hand when you mouse over them.

Check the Daily Newspaper You will glean much useful information from the daily newspaper. Check it by clicking on "News" at the bottom of the screen. Note the crowd size and Daily Chef Challenge.

See Tips below Make note of the Grub Forecast as it is usually wise to do what they are doing. Both restaurants make progress each day and by winning the Daily Chef Challenge it will bring the sauce level down in their meter.

You can do this over and over until you find a challenge you can win. Once you have purchased research on a person, you can always come back and refer to it later. Click on the diner town tycoon envelopes to the left of screen to choose a customer to research. As the client is fed the meters fill up left to right.

Once they meet the end the covered plate on the diner town tycoon right reveals a prize of money, advertising or food items. Purchase items for your menus. It is important to purchase a new meal for you menu as much as possible to increase your ingredient base and make the clientele happy.

Click on the covered dishes to read about each item and click on "Buy" to purchase it. You can mouse over the grocery bag on the menu and it will show diner town tycoon each ingredient in a dish. Restock your ingredients. Here you can purchase the items you need to serve dishes.

It is wise to keep a piece of paper nearby to jot down how many of each item you need. Some ingredients are found in more than one dish so you will need to buy enough for both dishes. Here you can see what items you have in stock, how many you bought the day before, and the current price of each ingredient and whether it is high or low in cost for the day. There is a restock button to save you time along side each item and at the bottom a "Restock All" button which will replenish all items at once exactly the way you did it the previous day.

There are up and down arrows for you to change the quantity if you need to adjust this. The green arrow under the ingredient picture alerts you to the item that will be most popular due to the newspaper.

It is always wise to stock up on this item diner town tycoon you can. Purchase Decor for your restaurants. You will be allowed to purchase one decor item for each restaurant per day.

It is not always possible for you to afford decor so it is not a priority. It will bring more customers to your restaurants so if you can afford it without issue it is wise to purchase it. Once a decor item is purchased the gold circles next to each restaurant on the map will fill in. Start the day to see your decisions play out. Once you have done all your research and made all your lol movie mp3 and purchases you will click on "Neighborhood" then "Start day" at the bottom right.

You will now see if you made wise choices or not. Watch for hearts above satisfied customers and broken gray hearts for those that are not satisfied. Diner town tycoon customers will become Grub Burgers happy customers so try to not let anyone leave upset. Take note of the people and their feedback.

You will also see people with gold coins above their heads. These are very happy customers leaving you an extra tip. Be sure to click on the coins to collect the tips. There is also an ingredient diner town tycoon at the bottom center that shows you how fast items are depleting from your stores. Take note of these items as you make your daily purchases based on them. The images along the right side of the screen show how many meals each customer has purchased that day.

Make a note of the ones with low numbers and either do market research or purchase their favorite ingredient containing menu items pricing them at a favorable 3gp mp4 bollywood movies. Game Goal — Feed each customer 50 times to save the restaurants and complete the level.

Flo is going to get to the bottom of this mystery and talk to the Mayor. Why is he allowing so many Grub Burgers to be built in Dinertown? Once your customer has been fed 50 times you will earn a reward which is listed below after their preferences.

Reward for completion — 50 of varying food ingredient. Reward for completion — 20 of varying food ingredient. Reward for completion — Additional advertisement to purchase. Flo feeds him some healthy food and seems to have broken the spell. Mayor is back to fixing things again when someone slips him another Grub Burger….

Citrus Corn Pudding — Organic jumbo carrots, scorn, and Chilean limes. Sopa de Pescado — Organic Spudville potatoes, sweet corn and A. Spicy Fish Fajitas — White shrimp, halibut, and habanero. Reward for completion — 40 of a varying food item. Reward for completion — 50 of a varying food item. Derek Organic jumbo carrot, Chilean limes, and organic Spudville potatoes. Reward for completion — New advertising option for purchase. Reward for completion — 40 of a varying food ingredient. Storyline Progression — Toshiro has been driven out of business by Grub Burger and Flo and her friends are frustrated!

Crazy Calamari — Golden potatoes, baby spinach, and Bistro Bay squid. Landlubber Soup — Golden potatoes, baby spinach, and fresh cream. Submarine Chowder — Golden potatoes, fresh cream and rock cod. Avocado Clear vision 4 Fritters — Baby spinach, rock cod, and avocados.

Seafood Ice Cream — Fresh cream, jumbo bay shrimp, and rock cod. Veggie Tempura Platter — Golden potato, red beets, and avocado. Chilled Prawn Sorbet — Baby spinach, fresh cream and jumbo bay shrimp. Sakura Roll — Bluefin tuna, Dragonwell tea, and red beets. Dinertown Toll — European cruelty-free veal, avocado, and baby spinach. Sea Goblin Gyoza — Rock cod, snow crab, and hand made dough.

Ichiban Udon — Choice beef, snow crab, and hand made dough. Squicabbeal — Bluefin tuna, Bistro Bay squid, and savoy Cabbage.

Black Sea Fish Kebabs — Rock cod, red beets, and avocado. Veal Orloffski — Avocado, savoy Cabbage, and bluefin tuna. Reward upon completion — 30 diner town tycoon a varying food ingredient. Reward upon completion — New diner town tycoon for purchase. Game Goal — Feed each customer times to save the restaurants and beat the level.

She shoves a healthy burger down his throat and he finally snaps out of it. He spends the night in bed very sick with indigestion…. Tomato Risotto — Arborio Rice, and heirloom tomatoes. Fettuccine a la Tony — Heirloom diner town tycoon, organic heavy cream, imported dough. Potato Pizza — Heirloom tomato, organic red potato, Graviera Cheese.

Creamy Tomato Boureki — Heirloom tomatoes, imported dough, and organic heavy diner town tycoon. Mount Olympus Ambrosia — Saffron, local honey, and mixed Fruit. Good Karma Samosas — Organic red potato, imported dough, and Masoor lentils. Creamy Lamb Curry over Rice — Arborio rice, organic heavy cream, and diner town tycoon.

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