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About · Press · Scheduling · Contact · Request a Greeting · Facebook · Twitter · YouTube · Instagram. Welcome to the Office of Barack and Michelle Obama. Barack Obama Reveals Favorite Songs of , One Rock Track Makes List The track has accumulated over , views on YouTube, and with Swipe through to see my best of list – I hope you enjoy reading, intensity with dense vocal and guitar harmonies, to bewitching effect. (ER). In the waning days of President Barack Obama's administration, he and his wife, Michelle, . black family, the Obamas, represented the best of black people, the ultimate credit to the Together they mouthed the lyrics: “Make you do right. Nothing in that time suggested that straight talk on the facts of racism in American . For Barack Obama, the show is like watching his own family on screen, More videos on YouTube . Last month, Tracee Ellis Ross became the first black woman in 34 years to win the Golden Globes' best actress in a TV . “It's only television but now, more than ever, we have to talk about these things.”.

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How could any other speech take the top spot on the list? As the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in the then-Senate candidate Barack Obama was not only thrust onto the national stage, but the notoriety gained from the speech would help propel Obama into the White House.

The speech, which began by Obama introducing his own story to a nationwide audience, was premised on optimism within our political system and nationwide unity, will go down as arguably the best political speech in modern American history.

Obama, obamas best speech ever youtube er teared up at one point and had to collect himself, not only tried to console the nation following the shooting more than 30 million Americans tuned in to watch the speech livebut he also attempted to rise above the intensely partisan political discourse which was said to have motivated shooter Obamas best speech ever youtube er Loughner by calling for a new era in civility in our nation.

The speech which was thoughtful and reflective included numerous references to Martin Luther King, Jr. Obama and his team were well aware of the moment in history which they were presented with and gave us a speech that millions will remember for decades to come. One has to look no further than the opening lines of the speech to see the magnitude of the words that then President-elect Obama would go on to speak: Much like his speech almost two years before in Tuscon, Obama used the opportunity to address the nation not only as its healer-in-chief but also as its leader.

However, following the horrific events at Sandy Hook a largely different Obama stood on stage at the memorial service for what was the fourth mass shooting of his presidency. Obama not only spoke to a grieving nation, but a very also a confused and angry nation. Obama's 5 Greatest Speeches Ever. Copy link. By Derek Miles. Related stories by this author. Why Romney Lost: Denver Obamas best speech ever youtube er June 4, Recommended video.

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