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Giving up Facebook and Instagram made me realise I was using them to Disappear into the realm of likes and follows and push the feelings away. . But then I'll be out and want to post a picture on Instagram, or check if anyone's .. 14 Mar 14 Feel inferior. Receive a like. Reply. Share. Last Updated June 3, , PM I certainly did; and I assumed that it mean “like back,” but I didn't understand why people Sick Of TV?. Instagram, by contrast, looks like the friendliest social network . Of course, Facebook's answer was that everyone should post more. 10 likes and i'll answer them all! Instagram Games, Snapchat Stories Instagram Snap, Instagram Ideas, Snapchat Posts, Queen Quotes, Baddie, This Or That Questions, .. Date Night Freebie – 15 Questions You Never Thought To Ask. Discover ideas about Instagram Post Games. Please to . Send me a number (or numbers) or ask your own questions and ill answer them as best I can. Please. Once the Questions sticker is posted, followers can respond. confused about this at first,” says Josephine, a year-old in New York—one of I'm not sitting through 17 Instagram stories like “ask me a question” “you're so.

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Be the first to comment on this quote. Please Sign in to leave a comment. Be honest no matter what. Zero - Who was your last text from? Four - What is your current mood? Five - What's your brothers name? Seven - Have a crazy side? Eight - Ever had a near death experience? Nine - Something you do a lot? Ten - Angry at anyone? Eleven - What's stopping you from going for the person you like?

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One thing I want to get better at is: I usually do everything with at a VERY leisurely pace and while that can be benefcial with some instances.

Mostly I'm so slow that I get a wholelot less done tan would've liked to. So, that'sabsolutely soething I'd like to improve. I hope I make people feel When they're around me:

Your comments are as inactive as a car broken down on the side of the road. Well, the secret has less to do with a specific Instagram filter or tactic, and more about understanding how we see and process visual information.

Believe it or not, a big contributor to why people are more attracted to one photo over another is psychology. Pretty much every article you read about Instagram marketing and how to get more engagement mentions the same general idea: Starbucks posts a lot of user generated content of customers drinking its delicious drinks.

Nike posts motivational videos and photos. For instance, John B Watson was a controversial psychologist and salesman known for using emotion to compel consumers to buy. He created an ad featuring a seductive woman implying that 15 likes and ill answer instagram was ok for women to smoke, as long as they used Pebeco toothpaste.

By including an attractive woman in the ad and focusing on smoking, Watson went from selling hygiene to selling seduction. He sold the idea that women could smoke and still be desirable as long as they used Pebeco toothpaste. Times have obviously changed dramatically since then. In other words, using psychology to sell. You can incorporate psychology in both the visual elements and copy of your Instagram posts. You might already 15 likes and ill answer instagram familiar with the concept of visual perception.

The idea that objects can appear different depending on how you look at them. The classic example of this is the Necker Cube illusion. Now that you have an idea of what visual psychology is, the next question is how can you implement it into your strategy? If I were to show you a picture for five seconds, then five minutes later asked you to describe what you saw, would you be able to?

In their research, Sanocki and Sulman looked at the effects of color harmony on short term visual memory. In their test, they showed participants patterns of colored squares, with similar and dissimilar patterns. They measured how accurately people perceived color change when they swapped out a few of the color squares. They found that people were able to better memorize the patterns when the colors were harmonious.

Here are a couple of examples of how Adidas uses the principle of color harmony on their Instagram page. They often post clusters of photos featuring balanced color combinations. So when a user sees their photos in their feed, they can pick up on the theme. Scene gist is your ability to understand the context or subject of a photo once your eyes fixate on an image. You may not realize it, but most people are able to recognize what an image is within seconds of seeing it.

When 15 likes and ill answer instagram scroll through their Instagram feed, are they able to immediately recognize what your photo is about? The next question is, what can you do to improve the scene perception for your Instagram posts? Well back inresearchers Monica S. Castelhano and John Henderson did an experiment that might help you out. They showed participants a quick presentation of a scene, and immediately after they were shown the name of a target object.

Participants had to state whether the name of the object was consistent or inconsistent with the photo they were shown. You can 15 likes and ill answer instagram the full study here. Through the experiment, Castelhano and Henderson concluded that color is directly associated with scene gist. American Airlines occasionally shares photos with filters. Visual priming is when exposure to one stimulus impacts your response to another. The concept of priming has been tested and used in marketing in different variations for decades.

In their experiment, Mandel and Johnson tested how the background of a website can influence consumer behavior. They asked participants to compare two different car brands on a webpage.

On one page, the background was green with pennies on it. The other was red with flames. Participants that saw the green background spent 15 likes and ill answer instagram time looking at the price, since green and pennies are both associated with money. Those who saw the red version were more focused on the safety features since red and flames can symbolize danger or an emergency. Their Instagram feed is packed with their signature red color scheme and logo. They maintain that consistency so aku pilih kamu tv3 adobe you see one of their posts in your feed, you immediately think about their products.

In the screenshot below, notice how they even implement red outside of their logo by adding it in a jacket or the less subtle popcorn bucket. Once you decide on a car, you start seeing it everywhere. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon is a combination of two different processes happening in your brain at the same time— selective attention and confirmation bias.

Selective attention happens any time you learn something new. The color blue is associated with dependability, security and trustworthinesswhich is why brands like Walmart and Facebook use it.

So back to our blue example. Uber has recently been super video software their new Visa Local program. And they use consistent imagery people shopping around town with the diagonal frame and copy explore, dine ride across each platform to embed it in your mind. The isolation effect is probably the simplest and most straightforward principle on this list. Relating this back to Instagram, there are a few ways you can put this principle into practice.

One would be inari konkon koi iroha episode 3 sub indo blogspot make the focal point of your pictures significantly different than the background. One brand that uses the isolation effect well is BMW. While some of the backgrounds are Instagram-worthy on their own, the focus is always on the 15 likes and ill answer instagram.

Architects commonly use this principle when designing buildings by doing things like allowing natural sunlight, incorporating indoor gardens and other elements that emphasize the great outdoors.

If you want to see the biophilia effect in action, look no further than National Geographic. Even before the days of social media, National Geographic was well known for capturing breathtaking photos and videos of nature. Instagram gives them a platform to share even more frequently.

And their engagement numbers show just how powerful the biophilia effect can be on Instagram. Social proof is easily one of the most popular psychological tactics used by social media marketers. There are a lot of studies to support the effectiveness of using social proof to influence consumer behavior.

One of the most popular of which is the Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment. During the experiment, psychologist Solomon Asch gathered college students and showed them images similar to these:.

The participants had to choose which line A, B or C was most like the line on the left. For each round of the experiment, Asch told all but one participant to pick line A or B, even though C was clearly the correct choice. Instagram has amplified the power of social proof by giving you a constant stream of the things your friends, family and influencers you follow enjoy.

They just might not be aware of you. Many 15 likes and ill answer instagram them eminado by tiwa savage and don jazzy instagram teaming up with lesser-known startup watch companies offering affordable luxury style watches.

One of the most popular of these watch brands is MVMT. MVMT has worked with several influencers over the past few years to help build a massive following of over K followers on Instagram alone.

Although visuals reign supreme on Instagram, your captions are an opportunity to spark conversations or push people to take a specific action. Copywriters have a way with words. They understand that using certain phrases will elicit different responses in consumers. When you see billboards or online ads, the words used have likely been carefully chosen for a reason. This article from Copyblogger lists the five most persuasive words in the English language based on several studies and research:.

But strategically using them in conjunction with the other tactics in this article can increase your chances of getting people to take action. Photos of food on Instagram tend to sell themselves. Did you know the order in which things appear in a series impacts your ability to remember them? You can use 15 likes and ill answer instagram positioning in your captions by making sure the most important parts of your captions are at the very beginning and end.

For example, if you want to include a call to action for people to leave a comment, make it the last sentence of your caption. If you bury it in the middle, people are more likely to overlook it. In this post from Thisopenspacenotice how they lead you in with a question to pique your curiosity. Then it ends by telling you exactly what action they want you to take. When someone asks you to do something, your decision to do it is partially influenced by the wording they use.

The experiment has nothing to do with the actual Xerox company. For the study, researchers Ellen Langer, Arthur Blank and Benzion Chanowitz created an experiment that looked at how people waiting in line to make copies using a Xerox machine would react when someone cut in front of them.

For the experiment, the line cutters 15 likes and ill answer instagram three different tactics to ask if they could cut:. Notice the main similarity between No.

The justification effect shows that people are more willing to agree to a request if given a reason to do so.

Not only that, people will automatically assume your request is valid because of the justification. When you ask your audience to take an action, are you giving them a reason? In the caption below, notice how they give people a reason to click on the link in their bio. But Whole Foods makes sure people know why they should click through to make it worth their time. All of these psychological principles and tactics can help your Instagram posts generate more engagement.

Science Has Spoken: Here’s Why Your Instagram Posts Don't Get Engagement

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