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Heroes fighting heroes is all the rage right now on the big screen, with Batman v. Here's one answer which has previously imagined brawls between Spider- Man and Star Wars: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice review · The final trailer for Batman V. Superman shows the epic battle we're in for. A plethora of answers, many of them cheering for Wolverine. And he has used them against far stronger opponents than Wolverine such as Spider-Man. (Marvel . Who would win in a fight: Batman (DCEU) or Black Panther (MCU)?. The blade wouldn't do any damage and just get dulled. Strikes with the hilt are comparable to that of blunt weapons like maces and are thus more effective. Answers that'll leave you wondering about the fate of humanity. It can happen to anyone Stupid Yahoo Questions, Yahoo Answers Funny, Dumb Facebook Wins And Fails . batman this is too polytoxicomane-philharmonie.de's a GIF so make sure it's fully loaded. of the villains are heroic Spider-Man movies. I think my answer then would have been that no lead is safe, period. do well in this fight, and Powlus has the most mass, I think this is an easy win for . Betting against Mike Brey is like betting against Christian Bale in a Batman movie. Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Spiderman, Daredevil, Luke Cage.

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Yahoo Canada Answers. Who would win in a fight, Batman or Spiderman? I know who I think would win but I'm not going to say because then it wouldn't be fair. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: Spiderman would win because Batman uses technology as a power. Just like the Green Goblin who also uses technology as a power, he will be beat by Spiderman. Source s: Add a comment. Well if you must know!

Batman will win hands down because he has a gadget for everything! Spiderman only has a web shooter and all he does is entangle all the bad guys in the web! Now Batman on the other hand he does damage he has a gadget for catching Spiderman's web action and he's a bat he can fly better than Spiderman!

Really did you need ask this question! Well, spiderman beat the goblin with his insane attacks and gadgets that burn people's faces off, cut their arms up and fry their skeletons. Shouldn't be too hard in my opinion. But then again, batman is smart and spiderman's humor attitude always gets him into trouble. But then again, spiderman has superhuman strength which could potentially kill batman if spiderman lost control of himself.

This is how I think the fight would start. Hey its Daredevil! I see you're following my trend on the whole dark costume thingy, but seriously dude lose the cape, girls don't dig that. I'm batman. Batman would win. Mitch benn terra epub on Justice League where he took down the whole force of the JL when they went out of control. That's Flash, Superman, Wonderwoman, etc Spiderman hasn't got a chance.

Batman is rich and skilled with tons of cool gadgets, and Spiderman is changed and not quite human anymore meaning that it would be very evenly matched Spiderman may be a superhero, but his powers aren't as super as Batman's gadgets are awesome.

Plus Batman is in better shape and is much smarter. Even though Batman is my favorite superhero, there was a crossover comic of Batman and Spider-man, and Spider-man beat Batman without much difficulty. Pagination 1. Existing questions. Related Questions Who would win in a fight? Who would win a fight: Who would win in a fight Spiderman or Batman?

More questions. Who would win in a fight - Spiderman or Batman? Who would win in a fight, batman or spiderman? Answer Questions Looking for a certain anime for so long!? Random question but if who would win in a fight batman or spiderman yahoo answers could date any anime character for 1 day who would it be and why? Advise anime please? I'm divorcing Homer, any advice?

How to create a story about a girl who hunts monsters? Which anime do you recommend to watch? Can a guy use this bag for school? What can we learn with: Vegeta, Goku, and Naruto?

Was Superman known to the general public when the movie came out or was he bit of an unknown to known comic book readers?

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I spent engaging in one of the most powerful tests of character that any human can experience: Who would win in a fight batman or spiderman yahoo answers I bought lottery tickets and picked the numbers based off the films. I wrote about it over on medium. Calm down Boohoo Batman! Sean Bean played a bee. A bee. A masterpiece. I imagine it made me think! Do not watch this film or try to climb up a mountain! Manva lage Man From U.

Guess what happens at the end? Kumpulan lagu madura, I would probably sit through another one. In a car? Not as good as the last one but absolutely fine, probably? I expect some people were disavowed. Meanwhile Ben Affleck growls about his city while Superman does again, etc. Voyager in it. Did I like this film? Who knows! Well done! Star Wars: Then I watched it again and I liked seeing all the things again again!

My name is Ed, and I have a problem. One time I pretended to be some sandwich spread and it got a bit out of hand and I ended up writing for the Guardian about it. But, because I am quite lazy, another thing I do is make robots to do the terrible Twitter accounts for me.

For example:. This happened because Ste Curran suggested it to me while we were drunk in a park. Well, what you can do is write code to search for those kind of tweets, and then automatically follow and retweet them, thereby entering competitions without even having to know that they existed in the first place. So I did that. Once upon there was a man named Joss Whedon who invented space cowboys and lots of people on the internet cried because a the space cowboys had their television who would win in a fight batman or spiderman yahoo answers cancelled and b he would get referred to as Josh Whedon by people who were either less interested in space cowboys or specifically wanted to wind up the space cowboy fans.

Because I am an actual child, I set up an account called itsjoshnotjoss that did exactly the opposite. It was probably kicked in by some nerds. Remember when for a bit the hot new thing on Twitter was mashing up celebrities and philosophers, e. Today's look: A terrible, insatiable existential hunger, plus my new favorite boots.

Sorry Alain. If any venture capitalists want to help me monetise one or both of those things, let me know! The mechanism of the joke is this: The actual joke part of the joke is that there is no humorous punchline.

You have been tricked. Your expectations have been confounded, assuming you have not already heard the joke, which is, at this point in human history, unlikely. From her Yahoo Answers history we can tell her daughter was 15 years old at the time, by the way.

Her husband is an alcoholic, and her aunt had a vaginal cyst. Learning sure is fun with Yahoo Answers! Bing it! So the idea is that the chicken, having considered all available options, decides to end its life by crossing the road. This reading of the joke makes sense in linguistic terms, but it does rely on the chicken being able to understand concepts like death, and the afterlife, and also to understand enough about road traffic to pick the moment where the probability of road death is highest.

Given the fairly strict stance of many shakti the power 300 mb movies on suicide, one could also question the wisdom of using it as a mechanism to reach the other side. Is there a chicken hell? The March issue contained the following, excellent, version:. Of such is this: Maybe the chicken would be at risk of being trampled by a horse. The chicken joke is one people learn early in their lives. Look yourself hard in the mirror.

Then go outside and, carefully, cross the road. For no other reason than to get to the other side. Also Benedict Cumberbatch was in it for some reason. Jack Ryan: Robocop — they should have made the RoboCop remake be a meta-film about a cashgrab RoboCop remake or something. Maybe a stuntman has an accident and who would win in a fight batman or spiderman yahoo answers make him into a RoboCop?

The Lego Movie — 1 It had Lego in it. Also Will Smith is in it as the devil. Lots of things happened and it looked pretty. The Zero Theorem — thin residues of leftover Gilliam with the occasional good bit, then it turns out to have been all about those damned money men at the studios messing with my creativity, maaaan! Oh dear. Captain America — The Winter Soldier — The best bit of this film was when Jenny Agutter started doing kung fu stuff and the worst bit was when it turned out it was Scarlett Johansson in a Jenny Agutter mask.

Oh and it was funny when Captain America had that list of modern day things he had to check out like Star Wars and Nirvana and sort of neat that they apparently did a different one of those for every country changing the references.

But mostly just some stuff happened. Good song. Which one is going to do the kissing? Oh no she fell down the stairs! The ending is sort of stupid but what did you expect? But have you heard the soundtrack with the ironic dad music LOL?

But apparently the next one is also going to be Men In Black 4? Gone Girl — was this meant to be a funny movie because I thought it got pretty funny? Nightcrawler — I think this was meant to be funny and I thought it was funny. Jake Gyllenhall is a weirdo who has learned everything from Wikipedia and internet forums for MBAs and decides to become an ambulance chaser in order to make a lot of money and then he does who would win in a fight batman or spiderman yahoo answers because capitalism.

Interstellar — I guess they must have sent this film into a black hole because it seemed like it was 70 hours long!!! Anyway it turns out love is better than gravity, but not as good as gravy and then Matthew McConaughey pulls a face. Bye bye Mr Turner. The end. Drink 6 pints of lager then attempt to interview Stewart Lee before what neither of you knew was going to turn out to be a Fathers4Justice benefit gig.

Quote Star Trek: Within 24 hours overhear different people describing you as looking a bit like Paul Merton and a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Have a hungover snooze on the company sofa and wake up to the chairman of the board looking at you suspiciously. Look forward to lottery night because you can earn 30p a go for texting drunk people the numbers. Fall down an escalator, followed by the speaker system you were supposed to be looking after.

The big political question that no-one is willing to talk about is where members of parliament do their shopping. Gathering this data itself was an interesting demonstration of: Anyway, with that in hand we can figure out what their local supermarket situation is.

The constituency offices of Conservative Party MPs tend to be the furthest away from supermarkets; on average they have to go almost twice as far as Labour MPs to do their shopping. Perhaps the government should have a website detailing which MPs like which sweets, to allow the public to get more of an idea about where their representatives do their shopping. Based on the closest 40 stores to each office.

People had to know. Other supermarkets are available. No accuracy is guaranteed. Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving. The opposite would be INTJ: Introverted, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement.

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Who would win in a fight batman or spiderman yahoo answers Vegeta, Goku, and Naruto? It goes like this: So I did that. I give him a TKO by death over batman if they start fighting in the ring. The hottest topics for number 20? Watch every episode of Stargate SG
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