Letters, Polar, 10/ Bring It On Home, Polar, Från Cadillac till Rolls Royce (Hep Stars / Svenne & Lotta), Sonet, Oldies But Greatest, CMC, Svenne & Lotta Golden Hits Swedish LP out of print . My favorite track on the album is one of Benny's solo compositions,a #2 Swedish hit called. Svenne and Lotta perform at Stockholm Pride with the Hep Stars. They met in , when (along with ABBA's Benny Andersson) Svenne Hedlund Lotta/2 (Polar Music, ); Letters (Polar Music, ); 20 Golden Hits [includes The Great Collection (new versions of greatest hits, double album, CMC, Denmark. Svenne & Lotta discography and songs: Music profile for Svenne & Lotta. Members. Svenne Hedlund (vocals), Charlotte Walker [aka Lotta Hedlund] ( vocals) Svenne & Lotta 2 Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) / He Is Your Brother. at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Svenne & Lotta at the Discogs Marketplace. 3 versions. Svenne & Lotta - Oldies But Greatest 2 album art.

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ABBA the albums presents Sweden's Beatles! The Hep Stars- Malaika and Hep Stars-Basta Swedish Lp. Compromise Swedish Lp. Tillsammans Swedish Lp. Benny Andersson was born in Stockholm on December 16, He began his recording career as a member of the Hep Stars in October Although he did sing as a backing vocalistBenny has always been first and foremost a keyboardist.

What Benny did with svenne lotta discography s Hep Stars was play svenne lotta discography s songs, and sing background vocals. Benny played with Hep Stars till mid- The Hep Stars sang a majority of their songs in English. They also recorded in Swedish and German. Their early material was straight out rock and roll but their later work is more middle of the road.

The Hep Stars lead singer ,the very capable Svenne Hedlund was equally good at ballads and rock and roll numbers. Generally it's Benny's songwriting that makes the Hep Stars of interest to us today. Benny was a good songwriter even in the 'sthough the lyrics for his Hep Stars songs written by him or other Swedes are usually preety bad.

For some reason, even serious ABBA fans tend to ignore the music of the Hep Stars even though they were the most commercially successful of the various acts that were progenitors of ABBA. T svenne lotta discography s Hep Stars continued on at various times, and in various lineups, as you will see in this discgraphy, but Andersson never played with them, and they recorded little of interest after Benny left.

Let it Be Me studio vers. That's Caddy-lack! Benny Andersson joined the Hep Stars in October They had made just one single "Kana Kapila" with their first organistSvenne lotta discography s Ostlund prior to Benny's joining.

Svenne lotta discography s group's early recordings are more group efforts - Benny and Svenne do not dominate the group as svenne lotta discography s as on the later records.

The group hit it big in Sweden right after Benny joined. All of the these can be found on the CD version of this, the Hep Stars first album. Most of the songs on this album are covers of American and English rock songs. This album also features Benny's first composition; a Kinks like rocker with bad lyricscalled "No Response". Orginal album- Cadillac, Be my baby, That's when your heartaches begin, Send me some lovin', Young and beautiful, Rockin' love, No response, I'll never quite get over you, Sweet little sixteen, Oh!

Carol, Then she he kissed me, Bald headed woman. CD Bonus tracks: Svenne lotta discography s how this album starts. A very Swedish announcer pronounces all the Hep Stars names with same ending syllable, Krill-lee was the nickname of the Heps' drummer -Christian Peterson.

The early Hep Stars were not known for restraint on stage. The fan screaming on here is not manufactured and it's not totally without justification. The early Hep Stars were good showman. This album is more exciting than ABBA's live album, albeit, with far rain over me mp3 dailymaza daddy sound, material and musicianship. Most of the material played here are covers -a limitation which would drive Benny to write material for the group.

Benny mainly plays electric organ here. At one point Svenne asks the Swedish audience to "Clap Your Hands" but he does it in English, as if saying such things in Swedish wouldn't be cool. The finale "w hole Lot-Ta Shak-In Goin On" iis typcial of thr tracks -hyper, excited if not overly expert playing on this track Krille's drums are featured heavilyand lots of Hammond organ Although this is a good live album, it is of less interest to ABBA fans simply because there is only one song written by Benny here.

Should I. Released on CD An important album. The Hep stars have a slightly mellower sound here. This is probably the most consistently good Hep Stars album. This is where Benny emerges as a full fledged songwriter and his talent is already blossoming. Six of which were on the original Lutan fyah blessing mp3. A real standout track is one of Benny's solo compositions ,a 2 Swedish hit called "Consolation" -"Consolation" is seemingly the lament of a dead or metaphorically dead lover.

Benny's organ melds well with the band here. The song's chorus -hook soars to the sky on the strength of the band performance. Benny also wrote the haunting classically influenced "Sound of Eve" which features some lovely piano and actual birdsong A promo bio of Benny at the time indicates that Benny already had developed an interest in svenne lotta discography s.

The backing vocals on "Sound of Eve' are ambitious. This song has never been compiled elsewhere It's good example of one of those cool obscurities you svenne lotta discography s find in ABBA's sixties solo work.

Two of the most famous Hep Stars songs are here. The Hep Stars biggest international hit-"Sunny Girl" written by Benny is found here as a bonus track. The best of the non-Benny compositions is the anti-war song "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream" which like a lot of songs here has svenne lotta discography s solid three or more part harmony on which Svenne sings with Janne, Benny and or Felle. Felle was the the Hep Stars road manager, who sometimes sang and helped out on Bass Guitar. The Hep Stars often did English and Swedish versions of the same song.

All in all ,this album stands up well against albums by British and American artists of the time. Svenne Hedlund's only solo album which features covers of songs orginally recorded by Elvis. It's not clear if any of the other Hep Stars played on the album Christmas with the Hep Stars. Festive, no doubt. This was reissued on CD for Christmas with a new less busy cover. This album also includes ""Nu tandas tusen juleljus" and a humourous version svenne lotta discography s "Jingle Bells".

Christmas On My Mind 2. White Christmas 4. Alla Sover Utom Jag 5. Jingle Bells 6. Svenne lotta discography s Today 7. Good King Wencelas previously unreleased 8. Stilla Natt Dotter Sion. This is a very obscure Hep Stars release This tape was issued by Europafilm at some point in The cover of the reel to reel box features a picture of the Hep Stars on safari Most of the songs found here were from the Hep Stars singles that had not been compiled as of this time on a vinyl album Prerecorded Reel to Reel tapes were never widely commercially available, and essentially dissapeared by the late 's What is Habari Safario, you ask?

In The Hep Stars batu black oval bahan on aborted film project- Habari Safari - some of which was filmed in Africa, but because their was no plot the footage filmed proved to be useless.

The Hep Stars' Spring African folk music single "Malaika" was a direct result of the film project Malaika 2. Tribute To Buddy Holly 4.

Donna 5. Farmer John 6. If You Need Me 7. Summertime Blues 8. Bird Dog 9. That's When Your Heartaches Begin Rockin' Love. I haven't actually held this CD in my hands. EMI did most of the other Hep Stars reissues. For some svenne lotta discography s this album originally was released not on the Olga label but on the Cupol label This was the first of the Hep Stars studio albums to be reissued on Cd. But the CD is no longer easily available.

This album was recorded in late largely in London.