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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS3): polytoxicomane-philharmonie.de: PC & Video Games. This is a fantastic update to a much overlooked late-life Playstation 2 game. The handdrawn. Get Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Action RPG, Action, Role-Playing Game game for PS4™, PS3™, PS Vita console from the official PlayStation® website. Know more . Description Odin Sphere: Leifthdrasir available on PS3 is a remake of the game, bringing new HD graphics and a new combat system. A place to share working Playstation 4 PKGs to the masses. Join the official Discord [Working][CUSACUSA] Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (USA) PS3 ISO Download for the Sony PlayStation 3/PS3 /RPCS3. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a Action RPG game published by Atlus, Install the large PKG first then install the smaller FIX PKG.

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Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Review

Odin Sphere [a] is an action role-playing game developed by Vanillaware for the PlayStation 2. Using a two-dimensional side-scrolling perspective, gameplay focuses on a beat em up -style fighting system while incorporating role-playing elements — Leifthrasir expands upon and refines these elements. The story, shared between both versions, follows five characters on the fantasy continent of Erion during a war between the nations of Ragnanival and Ringford over a weapon called the Crystallization Cauldron, and their roles in the Armageddon, a catastrophe which will destroy Erion.

The game was conceived by George Kamitani as first a sequel and then a spiritual successor to the Sega Saturn title Princess Crown. Development odin sphere ps3 pkg s in after the official formation of Vanillaware.

The story was based around the concept of a Valkyrie princess. The scenario and world design incorporated Norse mythologythe works of William Shakespearefairy tales and early video odin sphere ps3 pkg s.

Leifthrasir began development in as a means of addressing the issues both players and staff had with the original game while keeping the story intact. The music for both versions was composed by a team odin sphere ps3 pkg s Basiscape, led by company founder Hitoshi Sakimoto. Prior to Atlus picking up the title, Vanillaware had encountered difficulties finding a publisher due to Kamitani's sparse record as a developer. Completed inOdin Sphere was delayed into the following year so it would not compete with Atlus' own titles.

The localization was handled by Atlus USAand proved challenging in multiple areas. Upon release, it garnered a positive reception from video game journalists: Leifthrasir was praised for its improved performance and reworked mechanics.

The game was a commercial success, contributing to odin sphere ps3 pkg s rise of Vanillaware as a developer. Odin Sphere is a two-dimensional 2D side-scrolling action role-playing game where the player takes control of five different characters across six playable scenarios.

Combination attacks are triggered by attacking enemies continuously. Jumping can be used to reach airborne enemies within stages.

At the end of each battle, grades are awarded based on the battle time, damage taken from enemies, and the amount of damage dealt. The amount of in-game currency the player receives as a reward after each battle depends on the battle grade. Rather than the typical experience point -driven character growth of most role-playing games, each characters' abilities is linked to their Psyphers, and the amount of damage characters can inflict depends upon the strength of their Odin sphere ps3 pkg s.

These two elements are upgraded by collecting Phozons, spirit energy released from defeated enemies. Phozons odin sphere ps3 pkg s a magic meter, which is used to trigger special skills. Food can be grown in the wild using seeds, but later two restaurants are available where prepared meals can be eaten. Leifthrasir adds to and augments the existing features.

These include new battle arenas, and new vertical areas within environments to create platforming segments. Some special attacks also consumes portion of phozons collected in battle. While skill trees are unlocked with Phozons, abilities are upgraded with Ability Points. The food and growing systems remain roughly similar, while the Alchemy system is streamlined.

Leifthrasir also includes a "Classic" mode, which switches from the redesigned look of Leifthrasir to the original version. Odin Sphere is set on the fictional continent of Erion, which is divided into multiple nations scattered across the land. Originally a kind man, a spell to bring his people prosperity drained his goodness, causing him to turn into a vicious dictator who declared war on the rest of Erion.

During his conquests, the Cauldron went wild and destroyed the kingdom in a single night — everyone was cursed and transformed into Pookaswhile Valentine's kingdom was reduced to a wasteland. The story is told from the perspective of a young girl named Alice reading a series of books in her attic, with five initial storylines or "books" playing out between the five main characters and overlapping at multiple points. The game's opening sees Ringford holding the Cauldron and its controlling ring Titrel, having been given Titrel by Ingway as part of his vengeance against Odin.

He learns that the people of Valentine share his curse, and is embroiled in both the Pookas' efforts to collect wish-granting coins to reverse their condition and his attempts to save Velvet from danger. Gwyndolyn's story focuses on the time after her sister Griselda is killed in battle — having always come second in her father's eyes, Gwyndolyn tries hard to impress him, but must ultimately defy him when his general Brigan attempts to undermine him.

Gwyndolyn is placed in an enchanted sleep for her defiance, to be woken and fall in love with the first man who kisses her. Oswald is involved in an attempted coup sasurbari jindabad mp3 Mercedes by Melvin and is taken by Odette as payment for the power Melvin infused into Oswald's psypher.

Feeling betrayed, Oswald allows Odette to take him. With the help of the dwarf smith Brom, she refashions her psypher into a weapon powerful enough to destroy Odin's psypher, winning a battle against him and taking Titrel. Initially torn between love for Oswald and duty to Odin, Gwyndolyn defies her father and leaves with Oswald and Titrel, which now acts as a symbol of their love. The sixth book shows the advent of Armageddon — King Valentine activates the Cauldron and uses it to absorb phozons from the land to feed the growth of Leventhan.

Ingway attempts to destroy the Cauldron using his cursed form, but he falls under the control of Beldor, who has also led the monstrous Gallon and the Netherworld army into Erion. In the ensuing chaos, Odin is killed, and Onyx decides to destroy Ringford to avert a prophecy of his death at the "World Tree".

The story then divides between the main characters' battles in the wake of these events, with different endings playing out depending on who is matched with which battle; Erion's rebirth or absolute destruction depending on whether or not the choices are correct.

In the canon series of events, Cornelius defeats Ingway and Beldor and is rescued by Velvet, who learns from the dying Ingway that the Cauldron can be used to reverse the destruction; Oswald defeats Gallon, learning that he is Gallon's grandson by his banished son Edgar and thus Titanian royalty; Mercedes, whose true name is " Yggdrasil ", finds Ingway's corpse and dies in battle after fatally wounding Onyx; Velvet stops the Cauldron without destroying odin sphere ps3 pkg s core, but King Valentine curses the Cauldron before waking Leventhan and killing himself by jumping into its path; and Gwyndolyn kills Leventhan before it can destroy Erion, losing her wings in the process.

Having finished the books, Alice finds a magical coin on the front cover of the sixth book. Called downstairs by her mother, she misses seeing Cornelius and Velvet, both in Pooka form, take the coin and leave a seventh book. Velvet and Cornelius are there, and Velvet finds Titrel on Gwyndolyn's hand.

Using Titrel, Velvet turns their psyphers back into phozons to sony handycam dcr sr47 driver the Cauldron and revives the land, turning into a Pooka due to Valentine's curse.

Oswald and Gwyndolyn bear witness to the rebirth of the land, and become the ancestors to the new humanity; Mercedes is reincarnated as its World Tree. Initially founded as "Puraguru" in when it worked on Fantasy Earth: Zerothe company changed its name in when the staff moved to Kansai. Zero that Kamitani met the founding members of Vanillaware. Development was difficult for the team due to its small size and hardware difficulties when trying to fit high-quality artwork onto the PlayStation 2 PS2resulting in compromises odin sphere ps3 pkg s the visual quality the team had initially planned for the project.

This pressure lasted right up to release, as Ohnishi electric power transmission and distribution yahoo to do emergency work to fix game-breaking best music site. They made unsuccessful pitches to multiple publishers before the title was finally accepted by Atlus, although there was some doubt as to whether it would prove a success.

The initial concept for Odin Sphere was of a story revolving around a Valkyrie princess, inspired by Kamitani's wish to emulate the protagonist of Princess Crown and hearing at second hand about planning at tri-Ace for Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeriawhich involved Norse mythology and featured a princess as its main protagonist. Kamitani's Valkyrie protagonist, who would become Gwyndolin, was created before the rest of the game's world and story were finalized.

Working from this initial idea and its roots in Norse mythology, Kamitani began writing a romantic storyline for Gwyndolin and Oswald as the central narrative, basing it on Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner.

He then added further elements inspired by the works of William Shakespeare and traditional European fairy tales. The other narratives focused on different peanut butter jelly time stewie adobe Mercedes' storyline focused on her maturation into a queen, Velvet's story focused on resolving a mystery, while Cornelius' story narrative modeled after traditional fairy tales as a homage to the early PC game Marchen Veil.

Kamitani acted as art odin sphere ps3 pkg s character designer for the game, with additional art for elements such as food provided by Shigatake. More sensual elements of his female character designs came about through chance rather than deliberate design. The toolset used to create the graphic animations was heavily inspired by the similar animation style used for Adobe Flash products.

A cited example was how Velvet's breasts jiggle slightly when she stops moving. This was intended for more female characters, but due to the hardware limitations it was restricted to Velvet. The project leader was Bill Alexander, the lead translator was Sammy Matsushima, while dialogue editing was handled by Mike Meeker.

As with their other localizations such as for the Persona series, the team tried to stay faithful to the original text. This proved easier than for the Persona series as its fictional setting meant there were no cultural in-jokes that would not be odin sphere ps3 pkg s outside Japan. For his part, Meeker read King Lear and A Midsummer Night's Dream to find the correct style for his writing, in addition to reading Beowulf to properly capture the narrative's darker elements.

The localization proved more challenging than other Atlus projects for multiple reasons. As the characters' text bubbles were designed to use Japanese kanji characters—which compress a lot of information into a single symbol in a way odin sphere ps3 pkg s in the English alphabet—each text bubble had to be individually resized and sometimes shifted so they would not intrude on other elements within scenes.

This was particularly true of Mercedes. This led to lines being modified during recording to keep within schedule. During the last stages, the team needed to rerecord some lines of dialogue, but to keep the localization in budget and on schedule it was done outside a professional recording odin sphere ps3 pkg s, resulting in an audible drop in quality.

Odin Sphere released in North America on May 22,less than a odin sphere ps3 pkg s after the game's Japanese release. The localization process was timed so odin sphere ps3 pkg s the Japanese and North American releases were days apart rather than months, which put extra pressure due to some promotional assets still being in development in Japan.

Initially planned to be an upgraded port, the availability of development resources allowed for the development of a full remake. There were a large number of changes made to the game.

Additional stages and divisions between battle and exploration were created; defense and dodge actions were added for characters; extensive vertical plains were added to environments; enemy and boss AI was redesigned and refined; additional enemies and subbosses were included; a new difficulty level was added; and the POW gauge, inventory and Psypher systems were redesigned.

The gameplay was thus adjusted so that it would be familiar to players of the later and more refined Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Dragon's Crown. With this in mind, these systems were adjusted so they would be more accessible for people with odin sphere ps3 pkg s playing styles. The high-definition upgrade was not as difficult as it might have been as all the art assets had been created in high definition and reduced for the PS2 hardware.

Other aspects for the visuals, such as character faces, needed to be redrawn by Kamitani as they remained in low definition. There were also graphic elements remade as the team considered them to be rather poor quality when compared to their current work.

Added shadow effects were created, but special parameters needed to be set as there were no 3D environments to use as reference. The 2D perspective also meant that the way enemies behaved needed to be adjusted, so they would not attack the player character while still off screen. As they needed to odin sphere ps3 pkg s the original software to make such changes but had lost the original software used to create the cutscenes, they needed to hurriedly create alternate editing software that ran on a PC.

In addition to changes to scenery and model positioning, the text font was resized to match the larger screen and the text bubbles were smoothed out. Leifthrasir was first announced in Julyalong with its planned release platforms. The music of Odin sphere ps3 pkg s Sphere was composed by a team from music company Basiscape. Sakimoto and Iwata created the majority of the soundtrack. Commenting on his track "The Hero's Triumphant Return", Iwata aimed at creating a hopeful and triumphant song for key story segments.

It was translated into French by Maryvonne Nagel Okamoto.

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