kieto la mente maestra

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All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Welcome to the winter issue of Andover! This kieto la mente maestra issue is keenly focused on creativity and innovation, one of the three pillars of our recently launched strategic plan, Connecting Our Strengths: The Andover Endeavor sp In the following pages, we explore how the encouragement of—and opportunities for—creativity, experimentation, and courageous questioning at both Abbot kieto la mente maestra Phillips academies laid the groundwork for personal and professional lives steeped in originality and inventiveness.

Starting on kieto la mente maestra 25, current faculty members share thoughts about what inspires them. We give you a sneak peek into a new kieto la mente maestra exciting interdisciplinary course, Sense of Place, which blends biology, ecology, history, and a whole lot of perambulating page We also feature a marvelous collection of Tales Out of School.

As you laugh, cry, and reminisce about your own high school days, consider the following: Who inspired you? Who urged you to follow your dreams? In which class did you discover a passion that still burns within you today? Please share these stories with us on social media using the hashtag ItStartedAtAndover. Finally, be sure to take a shot at the Andover-Abbot—centric crossword puzzle page 49 and enjoy, like a kid, the buzzing flipbook starting on page Main PA phone: Compelling kieto la mente maestra ahead!

Andover magazine phone: I am sure alumni, students, and faculty fondly remember its signature paths bounding two rectangles within the court and running diagonally across each of them, eventually meeting at the flagpole in the middle. My twin brother Nat and I graduated with the Class of Because we were identical twins, it occurred to us that the measured distance of our normal walking stride must also be identical.

So we decided one day to test out the theory. Starting at one end, we marched off in different directions. We had mapped out kieto la mente maestra fairly complicated route, each of us going up and down mirror images of the various diagonals until, after several turns, we met precisely at the middle, shook hands, and flashed a sharp synchronized salute at the flag. You guys just might have kieto la mente maestra career in the military. In my very first class at Andover, Mr. Others began to write, and I sat there not knowing where to begin.

This was nothing like the rote-memorization history classes I was used to, and was coming on top of plenty of culture d gray man episode 60 music an international student can experience in their first month. As others around me scribbled faster, I started to panic, increasingly sure of two things: I will never pass this class, and I need all my focus to avoid sobbing that very minute.

At the kieto la mente maestra of class, I waited for all to turn in their work before I stood up. He was both generous and demanding, in the way that only someone who cared deeply about our future could be. And I was OK. More than OK. On page 51, we neglected to note that student activities director Chris Capano, student program coordinator Stephanie Wong, and instructor in theatre and dance Erin Strong organized—and their departments partially funded—the Abbot Bazaar.

Well done! Please share your thoughts with us Andover, the magazine of Phillips Academy welcomes your comments, suggestions, and involvement. Letters may be edited for length, grammar, and style. Please e-mail andovermagazine andover. At right: Over and over, we hear these stories from our students and alumni. And when I consider this, I marvel at the fact that Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy, now merged into one great school, have not just persisted for so long, but thrived—especially when so many other schools founded in the same era kieto la mente maestra not.

The secret, I believe, is a potent combination: An year-old devoted to the humanities and language study might be drawn in by the visual arts at the Addison, archaeology.

Recently kieto la mente maestra launched the Tang Institute, a physical and virtual hub for entrepreneurial exploration that offers faculty and community members a place where they can try out and test innovative approaches to teaching and learning [see openpli ubuntu, page 22]. Building upon the long tradition of creativity and innovation at Kieto la mente maestra, our faculty has big ideas about connected learning, learning in the world, experiential learning, socialemotional development, interdisciplinary work, and more.

Some of the work done by students and faculty will be enabled by technologies in common use today; some will call upon technologies not yet developed or even imagined; and some will have nothing at all to do with technology. These two landmark gifts demonstrate the power of philanthropy across generations of leadership at Phillips Academy. As many of you know, our newly launched strategic plan, Connecting Our Strengths: The Andover Endeavor [sp Our students and faculty will partner to make extraordinary things happen in all range of fields— academics, community service, the arts, music, and athletics—in the years to come, just as they have for more than years.

To lead us in this new endeavor, two generations of Board of Trustees presidents have come together. What started at Phillips or Abbot academy for you? Join the conversation online using the hashtag ItStartedAtAndover.

We want to hear your stories! Connecting Our Strengths: The Andover Endeavor was also the topic of a joint session of the board and the Alumni Council. Trustee Weekend also included the following highlights: Sykes Wellness Center, on track to open this December. During a special faculty luncheon held October 3 in the Smith Center, eight faculty kieto la mente maestra were recognized for their many contributions to the Phillips Academy community, inside and outside the classroom.

Prior to announcing the kieto la mente maestra teaching instructorships and foundations, Dean of Faculty Patrick Farrell told the or so faculty members in attendance that the event should. As we compliment, honor, and praise these people, please know that I am, on behalf of John [Palfrey] and the Board of Trustees, complimenting, honoring, and praising each of you here today.

You have my sincere and deep gratitude for all you do for our students. In fact, his contributions already have had profound impact. SinceBae has served as barem live set soundcloud er managing partner of KKR Asia and is based in Hong Kong, where he lives with his wife and their four children.

The Andover Endeavor. The goals set forth in The Andover Endeavor, especially with respect to equity and inclusion, call upon us to think anew about our commitments in this area. Griffith first came to Andover in to teach English in the MS 2 outreach program; she kieto la mente maestra the full-time faculty in Prior to her. As dean of CAMD, Griffith develops programming to raise awareness and encourage understanding of differences in race, gender, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic class, geographical origin, and sexual orientation.

She oversees faculty development and student workshops, guides student mentoring groups, and coordinates 25 student clubs. She lives on campus with husband Graeme and their son, Carter. And then there are issues of sustainability, student safety, and campus security. Beyer Blinder Belle, an architecture firm that has assisted Princeton, Amherst, and Dartmouth in developing campus plans featuring the adaptive Phillips Academy has a rich tradition kieto la mente maestra campus planning, carefully considering everything from use of historically significant buildings, was recently selected tree species to building style and location to land preservation.

The new Campus Master Plan, intended to provide a framework for decisions over time, kieto la mente maestra be completed in early The Interschols Team—Back row, from left: Front row: Currently a Spanish language instructor and chair of the Spanish department, Allen is also a house counselor in Nathan Hale House and a spinning coach.

She is involved in a trial run of the Folio evaluation process and was part of the iPad pilot in — see winter issue. Prior to joining the Andover faculty in fallAllen earned an MA degree in Spanish language and literature from Purdue University, where she was a lecturer. Raj Mundra has accepted the position of assistant dean of students and residential chakradhari 1954 firefox, a role filled by Carlos Hoyt since Mundra came to Andover as a teaching fellow in and has been an instructor in biology and an assistant football coach since Currently cluster dean of Pine Knoll, he also has served as a house counselor, lacrosse and swimming coach, and assistant dean of the Office of Community and Multicultural Development.

Mundra is the founder and current director of Niswarth, a Learning in the World program in India. Allen and Mundra start their new roles at the beginning of the — school year. The dean of students position is a six-year rotating appointment made by the head of school. In addition to managing the five cluster deans who head up a campus network of adults dedicated to student programming and support, the dean of students oversees residential and day student life and plays a lead role in building community and handling disciplinary matters.

Elliott says she will continue to place the health and well-being of students above all else and will seek every opportunity to get to know individual students. Before that, she taught, coached, and served kieto la mente maestra dean of students at Westminster School in Simsbury, Conn. She lives on campus with husband Grant and their four children. Andover Winter Red Reigns on Geek Day!

Nearly educators packed the session to learn how their schools could develop their own version of Out of the Blue and, in turn, give voice to personal stories surrounding diversity in its multiple forms. George Michael Hakim, a teacher from Lexington Mass. Montessori School, had this to say: Comprising challenging juxtapositions, harmonious ensembles, and unexpected pairings, this exhibition explores how artists use different formal elements and mediums to exploit the associative character of black and white and visually render conceptual themes.

Lasater Exhibitions Fund. Sawyer Curatorial Assistant. Naum Gabo, Linear Construction No.