imminent sonic destruction

IMMINENT SONIC DESTRUCTION is a Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock artist from United States. This page includes IMMINENT SONIC DESTRUCTION's . Imminent Sonic Destruction. Detroit, Michigan. Imminent Sonic Destruction is Pat DeLeon, Pete Hopersberger, Bryan Paxton, Tony Piccoli, and Scott Thompson. Imminent Sonic Destruction - Triumphia - Music. imminent sonic destruction

Imminent Sonic Destruction like to call themselves progressive super metal. It seems to be a concept album about new life in a post-apocalyptic world. Luckily, the concept is imminent sonic destruction enough to figure out that we can ignore it, and focus on the songs.

Over eleven minutes long, movieshaker 3.1 for micromv firefox opens in typical dramatic fashion with soundtrack-esque ambiance and a radio voice telling everyone the world is done for. The crescendo builds, but not to massive metal goodness; rather, we get a forlorn piano track before the aforementioned metal blowup, which is a mix of good and bad. The good: The bad and this will afflict most of the album: Such promise, let down by something that was only cool when Zakk Wylde over-played it last decade.

Not to be a complete grump towards the poor guy, I will say he sings exuberantly imminent sonic destruction in tune, and the backing vocals are well done. Her voice has the passion, power, and technical prowess lacking in Piccoli. Sadly, her solo lines last exactly one minute, after which she is pushed to the background of a duet that ends with a harsh scream.

Production is excellent on Triumphia. Sounds are big and bombastic, dynamics are great, and every instrument sits where it should. These guys want to sound big and heavy, and they do, but the quieter passages are still presented in a clear, delicate fashion. Song arrangements are also outstanding and show that imminent sonic destruction Imminent Sonic Destruction leans towards a heavier, slightly less technical, metalcore-tinged version of Dream Theater.

Their fusion of traditional prog with modern progressive metal and even some slightly heavier flair makes every song an interesting listen. Imminent Sonic Destruction are at their best when melody rules the day. Piccoli clearly has above average songwriting chops and a penchant for melodic arrangements and harmonies. Triumphia is so close to a great sophomore effort, but the downsides make imminent sonic destruction a tough listen at times.

Unless Piccoli improves, Imminent Imminent sonic destruction Destruction will find the progressive metal success ladder a tough one to climb.

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