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Tuesday, June betal comics forum, Walker's Table. I wish I had known if this mountain influence Lee Falk to get the idea of Walker's table. Father of 1st Phantom who was the cabin boy of Christopher Columbus founded this mountain with his friend Caribo and they climbed it.

Kit told his son 1st phantom about this mountain but betal comics forum Phantom never found it. This is not that story of how they found Walker's Table. Diana and phantom came to walker's table and surprisingly they found the rope and basket which used as elevator, was broken. Diana asked is it broken by storm but phantom replied the basket was not broken it is chopped. He also adds, "Somebody was up there.

Or is! Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 3: Betal comics forum, June 14, Al Williamson has passed away. Great American comic book artist Al Williamson has died. Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 6: Al Williamsonartistcomics. Why I read Indrajal Comics? Is it just for fun or get something more out of it?

Times of India stop publishing IJC in After Twenty Years, I saw person who born after stopping IJC also interested in those comics and spend huge money for collecting Indrajal comics.

Recently in old book markets of collage streets I asked few booksellers about IJCs. They told me earlier. Posted by Bengali Betal comics forum Comics at 9: A string of Black Pearls, first time in Bengali version as I promised.

It was publishes in December In eng 22 "A string of Black Pearls" is 28 pages. Betal comics forum tried to concentrate only in the main story.

Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 2: I start to read Indrajal Comics at age of 9 westlife wide open files I live in Berhampore, West Bengal, in my childhood we used to go to my maternal uncle house in Kolkata during summer vacation. One day accidentally I found a hidden treasure in betal comics forum wooden almirah. Lots of Indrajal comics. I have been overwhelmed before all this bookswith wonder and joy.

What have I found? I took a bunch of comics, closed the almirah and jump on bed to start reading. It was a Mandrake comics. Zabawy fundamentalne skype try to cheat a. Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 5: Sunday, May 9, A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on his th birth anniversary.

Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 7: Thursday, May 6, What is your first Indrajal Comics? What is your first Indrajal Comics? If I ask you this question, I know everybody has different answer but we all agree with one, love it at first sight. Here is my own answer and I want to share your experience too.

I met my two best friends that day. I was only in class three and one day I saw some boys force to move out. Older Posts Betal comics forum. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

betal comics forum

Betal comics forum an aside, Wikia has also been notified, as TrekBBS is also not a proper place to plan grudges, vandalism, or personal attacks against MB admins.

I'd like to suggest a continuation of the "one Trek universe" policy, betal comics forum a branching exception for articles describing persons, places, things and events taking place after the Destiny-era events, loosely defined as approximately in the standard timeline. This would not affect any articles except those noted from an in-universe POV as being an alternate timeline.

Basically, everything in the Trek universe would emain articled as is, except for the JJ Abrams alternate reality, the mirror universe sand the diverged post eras. I know that many favor a complete fracture of universal structure to support multiple character interpretations, but I strongly believe in maintaining unified structure in all cases that do not contradict canon.

Now, I know that many favor more changes, but I feel that massive changes to things from before the divergence will not be a good use of data - there just aren't that many cases of things that are actively contradictory except for betal comics forum divergences that occurred mainly because different licensees are taking different directions in the absence of continuation by canon.

Hopefully, we can discuss this here based on the facts of what this will mean to the wiki rather than betal comics forum around betal comics forum circles on disconnected talk pages. I'm new to posting here, so forgive any formatting issues. I'm not sure that a "One Trek Universe" policy makes much sense on the whole for something with the breadth that is "Star Trek".

There are numerous examples of multiple universes, timelines, and continuities within what most would call established canon The various TV Series and Films. If this info about Janeway came from a Videogame place that info under the Videogame Section and then specifically which game under its own sub-section.

If that info about Spock comes from a comic book from Marvel but another tidbit comes from a comic published by IDW, why not keep all the info in the "Comic Section" and then separate it into betal comics forum for Marvel Comics, IDW Comics, etc.

One of the main reasons I used memory beta so much when I started reading the DS9 Relaunch and then later discovered the comic books, was that I wanted to see how certain stories I was reading might connect and betal comics forum and yes even possibly sync up occasionally. Memory Beta always felt to me like a great resource which could help me in constructing my own 'personal' Star Betal comics forum Universe based on a multitude of information from a myriad of sources and mediums, but by putting forth the "One Universe" model, I don't really see how Memory Beta is as much a tool to be utilized as it instead becomes its own thing, preestablished and not to be contradicted.

Technobuilder In brief: It was a big issue for a while because the two timelines were existing side by side without explanation. Then at about the same time a novel and a magazine article handily came along betal comics forum labelled them as two timelines in-universeand thus it made it easy for us to apply our usual treatment for alternate timelines, and just treat them as two separate realities.

Rather than having to worry about compatibility issues of conflicting continuities real world. I've not read Crucible to be familiar with the level of divergence there, but that sounds about right. I think there are two basic rules: And, all sources are betal comics forum, except canon which trumps all; All the non-canon stuff exists to compliment canon stories, and they are no more correct than any other.

I think when we decide two continuities are incompatible we have to be very careful not to over-separate them. What we also need to remember is we can always use talk pages to discuss the particular application of such judgements. I like your betal comics forum description Mike, that's a good way to explain it.

I think that is more or less what I just did in reformatting the Terran Empire article. The backbone there is the episode "Mirror, Mirror", with discografia u2 completa para canon taking precedence but several other alternate continuities also existing.

The MU is probably some of the most complex continuity issues we have These betal comics forum examples where, as what you are describing in Crucible, these different stories simply cannot get a long, so have to be separated. But that's more often not the case, take Borg Incursion ofmany sources from many media, and not a single contradiction!

Alternate history boxes sound kind of confusing to me I don't understand how putting something in a box makes it any clearer than the current systems in place on articles such as Borg history for the multiple origin storiesChristopher Pike for the different childhoodsor Terran Empire for the many different elements of history? Well the examples I gave betal comics forum all one where stuff isn't shifted to the bottom.

What are betal comics forum actually suggesting here? On the Borg history one betal comics forum example would the entire origins section be in these boxes?

On the Terran Empire article pretty much everything on the page?? I like the idea of separating things by canon, then putting betal comics forum contradictory sources in a seperate box. I think a good example of this would be the way they do things on wookiepedia, where the put a warning about a non-canon source at the beginning and end of that sources material. For example in all of the different Mirror Universe histories we would start with canon material, then put up some kind of marker saying that we are going into the next chronological source, then put down everything from that source, then put a marker down identifying the end of that sources material, and then do this for each other source.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. So we are here. Basically, some articles as affected now: James T. Kirk - stays as is James T. Kirk mirror - mirror Kirk, but with multiple variations in subsections chronologically based on separate mirror continuities James T.

There are numerous examples of multiple universes, timelines, and continuities within what most would call established canon The various TV Series and Films Why betal comics forum just break everything down by where the information came from? The reason I have always supported maintaining this system is because the vast majority of the time there are not contradictions.

All the tie-in media is designed to complement the main canon universe, and betal comics forum the most part works together well because of that central core; comic A, novel D, and video game H can all work in perfect harmony, and just because a minority of other sources do not work together doesn't mean that most cannot. Why make a comic section, a novel section, a whatever section, and force the cohesive Star Trek universe apart when instead you can have all that information feeding into a single article that gives a well-rounded betal comics forum out description of any given subject.

The minority of times there are contractions, we have systems in place to detail information from both conflicting sources, and those systems stipulate that there should be no bias. I don't see what is wrong with that, or how that could lead to Memory Beta crafting its own narrative. Mike;s idea to make separate articles for versions of characters in the STO and Destiny timelines.

I would rather not see that. At the moment, me okay young jeezy album likely for at least the next few years these divergent histories are mainly a minority of a character's history towards the end; I think that can be comfortably accommodated into a single article. Take Donatra for instance, a good example of a character with a significant one universe backstory which forks towards the end of her history also a good example of how we deal with other conflicting sources before the more major splitI think that article works very well as is.

My first preference has been to maintaining current status quo as previosuly ratified. The plan presented here is very much a concession to the elements who want to challenge me personally betal comics forum my enforcement of this policy, and was very much added under a bit of duress. However, looking over the possible suggestions, I agree that 8of5's suggestion would be the best way betal comics forum and taking the communities concerns into it. While I'm not so much worried about the STO stuff on a personal level, as I've never played the game and never read the book, so I'm unlucky to contribute such a novel.

My concern would be with stuff set in different novel continuities, notably the Crucible trilogy. Taking McCoy for example, would every snippet of information from his life prior to the trilogy be in the "bulk" of the article, and then stuff after the "divergence" be included in a Crucible section? I'll certainly use the talk pages if I find myself being tied in knots: Crucible was discussed as a matter of 'contradiction where no alternate timeline exists' -- quite simply, there was no reason no time-traveling Romulans, etc.

At the time written, it was consistent with canon but inconsistent with other licensed Trek, but now it contradicts both other sources and canon in that Kirk's parents are different, etc. There is a confusing factor in that there is also betal comics forum reality involved -- it describes the evolution of McCoy's time in the altered timeline where Kirk and Spock never retrieved him from history,etc -- but the timeline change s doesn't explain the contradictions, its an unrelated factor.

Discussions involving this led to a edit procedure of regarding 'canon' above things like this. In cases where a licensed source contradicted canon, we would start with the canon source as the backbone of the article, incorporating in all licensed sources the reference the subject, and marking with background-note material stating that the source didn't agree with the canon. I prefer to do so in a separate subsection with an in-POV name wherever possible.

Would anyone support this as a new plan? I've only just started reading again for the first time betal comics forum and already spotted betal comics forum contradictions such as the destruction of the Guardian, his betal comics forum etc.

With regards to "alternate history" boxes, that sounds like a really great idea. I've seen a similar thing done on some websites not wikis though which has a red border and a different color background in this box which makes it stand out. Great suggestion.

One of the most disruptive parts I find is the "moving to the bottom" approach. Sometimes you end up with more 'at the bottom' than you do 'at the top' and the article doesn't read well -- my main concern in trying to approach these articles that are anno 1404 failed safari distorted betal comics forum such moves. Historical narrations in articles are divided into subsections when lengthy, anyway, and delineating them without moving them would be a fix that could maintain the users' desire to mark things without disrupting the chronological order I find it important to maintain.

I'd like to identify possible confusion points then, 8of5, to find out how to alleviate problems with applying this -- I think with a number of supporters it could become a standard. But I definitely want to make it as approachable as possible, if just to avoid newbie mistakes in betal comics forum it.

Perhaps a template, similar to a citation, that could be placed at the beginning of the subsection, biogeometry architecture pdf would isolate the section with a shade of gray for example as backdrop and perhaps a small one or two line box in the upper toward a career resilient workforce pdf corner of the subsection.

As long as the code worked with a one or two tag system of templates, we would just need to identify material appropriate for such subsectioning. This would require a way of weeding out misconceptions and mistakes non-alternate continuities that shouldn't use the modification. You're correct -- many articles like Borg history we've approached without shifting-to-bottom -- and would not have to be completely revamped betal comics forum they are already in chronological order re: We'd just be adding a formatting to the existing chronological descriptions.

I betal comics forum thought of the cases where two contradictory licensed sources both agree with canon but not to each other, but this would be an issue too sorry, literally planning this as i write -- Captain MKB Probably the best move before we vote one way or the other.

The problem is rife throughout the whole series, television and licensed. I think creating separate articles would be far too unwieldy and time-consuming. Taking Donatra as an example, if another source say a comic appears that features Empress Donatra in a story that could fit into either the STO version or the Destiny histories, that information would then need to be duplicated across both articles. A current example would be William Riker and Thomas Riker ; the former is going to receive much more attention to his early life, even though they ought to be identical by rights, Thomas Riker's article should begin at the Nervala Betal comics forum incident.

I think the current method of a single article with branching subsections works well enough. When consistently and fairly used, it's neat, clear and obvious to the reader, doesn't duplicate information or lead to a proliferation of articles. If something does get too long and unwieldy, to the point where its unreadable or barely shares anything with its alternate, then a split article could be considered.

A box might be hard to code, especially for new and unregistered users. My two credits, anyway. I thought I should chip in. BadCatMan Whether we put it in a colourful box or not that is what betal comics forum are already doing. I think this whole debate is a bit of a storm in teacup, and our strategy needs to be not to worry about changing a policy that does work, but identifying articles where it is not being properly implemented and correcting them.

The Terran Empire article that kicked this all off has now been completely rearranged to avoid biasing, and I think works better as a result.


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