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Users browsing this forum: SemrushBot and 0 guests. Get help. Share your knowledge. Board index I. Share topic. Do we need software protection? It prevents illegal use. Yes, but it hardly prevents illegal use. If it doesn't prevent illegal use, why bother? Total votes: Mon Nov 17, 9: And I'm now working in an academic environment, where we also have a strict policy of only using legal software we do get discounts, though.

It announces: ArchiCAD v8. I'm not going to give anyone links to these, so don't mail me about this. I also did not try to download any of it either, so don't know if it is the "real stuff", but I have some remarks, which I think are "viable" on this list, as a concerned user: The more popular, the easier it gets. In most archisketchy music, demo-versions that have temporary full functionality, are easy to "convert" into full versions.

Almost every program that uses a hardware lock is easy to circumvent. Even the rather complex software licenses, using registration that is unique to a single computer, can be fixed. They just make some tool to generate valid licenses. In most cases, the people doing this claim that the software is not protected very well. FlexLM and cdilla are often said to be not sufficient. I even know of a guy who gives a tutorial on cracking his archisketchy music software, but changing on bit in the executable and the funny thing is that he used Photoshop to just paint two pixels black on the raw data of the executable.

In the case of highly popular tools, they are fixed before they are even officially released. Now what is my problem? We, as legal users of these software, suffer the most of archisketchy music. We invest in expensive tools to get our jobs done. We do hope that in some way this investment pays for itself. In my case it didn't, since I switched to a non-commercial job before the Return-Of-Investment point, but I can live with that.

But the use of all these protections matters are getting problematic. A few examples: Almost every day, there is some student seeking help since the classroom-software boots in demo-version.

We have constant problems with the license server. The software is brand new and was just updated to be able to run on Windows XP. When you uninstall ArchiCAD before upgrading to a newer archisketchy music the Wibu-software gets wiped out and this requires a reboot. Even then, I sometimes have problems to boot my rather expensive software, because the lock cannot be found. Archisketchy music still wonder why USB is called plug and play, when you need to install software, reboot and then plug it in before it can be properly "detected".

I've did archisketchy music few re-installs of the OS some on purpose, some after virus-problems and also changed the graphic Card and added a hard-disk. I can accept the need to re-install my applications, but the process of this tool is the requirement of a new registration sending a mail and waiting a day or two for a new license.

Archisketchy music the license to park it on another PC is supported, but has failed to me several times and the manuals and helpfiles contradict eachother on these matters. What I wanted to say is Why is it harder to use and install this legally aquired software then it is to run a cracked copy? Is it worth it? Can anyone share their opinion on this?

Let's not turn this thread into sharing links to illegal stuff, please. User mini profile. Tue Oct 28, 1: The patches do not require to reinstall ArchiCAD. Let's say you have to reinstall AC entirely every 9 month for a complete upgrade, for exemple. You then have to reboot your PC 2 times to get the job done. I don't think it's so hard to do USB can be plug and play: I have a wacom tablet that is installed directly without rebooting, same for my mouse, my MP3 player, my digital camera 2.

Archicad install procedure should be better archisketchy music Fri Oct 31, Mon Nov 17, Why the price in Europe of archisketchy music cad related software is about 2x the price in USA. If this isnt stealling then what is?? I was using as a student an archisketchy music churches lewes east sussex of the software to learn it and archisketchy music it when ther was a "great offer" archisketchy music when autocad archisketchy music moving to next version.

The same holds for archicad. Its the same mistake that causes music piracy. I am a classical music fan. If you archisketchy music too you should know a label Naxos. They are expanding at least for the last 10 years and they have no problem archisketchy music piracy. Imagine why? And archisketchy music more thing about dongles. Archisketchy music hate them I have about 10 software witch use dongles.

In and out update restart The hell And with old parallel ones problems with the printer. I have to admit that with 2 of my programs all leagaly bought i use the "cracked versions" I cannt just have 10 parallel dongles stuck behind my pc. They cause problem Please graphisoft realese these API's Users can create miracles and most of them will be free.

Tue Oct 28, Mon Nov 17, 2: Wed Nov 12, 2: Mon Nov 17, 6: If i loose my dongle - i loose the right to use archicad. If someone find the dongle he cant use archisketchy music archicad legally without a user contract signed by an archicad reseller Yes archisketchy music because archicad cracks fly over the netso the hardware key is a too complicated way for a bad protection. Why is the dongle superior to the user contract?

The dongle cant make me NOT to use a cracked version or multiple installations Only a Police or BSA control can find and punish me, but with dongle or not - the cracked version itself or multiple pc's installation are illegal facts compared to user license.

Last edited by archibaldo on Tue Nov 18, 4: Mon Oct 27, 8: Tue Nov 18, Please note that NOBODY on this list has the right to insult anybody else on personal, racial, national or whatever other basis. Very heated discussion is going on in the Pub right now, and I feel you could contribute - this or that way - so please Let's keep it professional! Fri Oct 17, 9: Dubai, UAE. Tue Nov 18, 1: All U. I make this joke because I cannot explain why in the european estern countries like Romania where an architect earn about or euro per month must pay for archicad more than archisketchy music american architect.

Graphisoft must consider that. Is the topic. I just say mY opinion. Wed Nov 26, That's no way to exterminate piracy Maybe we could organize some kind of import-export business?

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KIRAN GADHVI VIDEO SONG It then generates a 3D image of the room. It prevents illegal use. Its the same mistake that causes music archisketchy music. Wed Nov 26, 4: If this isnt stealling then what is??

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