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Whatever you believe in and which party you are positioning yourself in, everything is based on consensus, even in your family. Moreover, consensus is created by common values —let us say culture, which is framed by the habits, perceptions and reflexes of a society.

Looking at history, but more than a few centuries may give a very helpful picture to understand the culture of Turkish society, and uzak ufuklar youtube er is going on and not.

Turks started to come to Anatolia in 10 and 11th centuries, and Great Seljuq Empire was founded in Around all Anatolia was under their management. They collapsed around after a series of uprisings and wars. They first started to split into small beyliks, then became vassal of Mongols, and finally collapsed. Although there were different Shiite societies under their management both dynasty was Sunni, and recognized by Abbasid Caliphs especially because of their resistance to Crusaders and Byzantium.

However it should be reminded that the difference between Shiites and Sunnis were not like today. They were relatively nearer to each other. Ottomans were one of these small beyliks. They sprouted in the Western Anatolia, and became one of the biggest powers managing great areas in Europe, Asia and Africa. It may be more interesting to learn that they were the 3rd longest lived empire of all times under a central management with years duration after Byzantine Empire and Holy Roman Empire.

The deep separation between Sunnis and Shiites started with competition between Ottomans and Safavids, and after repeal of janissaries inso ban on Bektashism accelerated the process. After a very long declining term starting with against to powering Western empires and states with new technologies and development models they formally collapsed in Finally, we came to modern Turkey founded inby taking all modern development models of the winner party including nationalism and secularism and statism with deserved cautious and skeptical worldview after huge losses of years and millions of refugees, but also with hopes and as still survivors.

Only after Ottoman — Russian war— 1, refuges came to Anatolia. The number of the refuges after Turkey — Greece population exchange agreement in came to Anatolia wasAre all the refuges were Turks? An easy answer can be found in the agreement of Turkey — Greece exchange agreements.

It is also a clear answer about what happened to slant-eyed Turks after their first entrance into Anatolia. In the ancient world from medieval era to modern times it can be easily said that there are some leading or powerful or bigger or whatever but influencing societies in the Old World. All other uzak ufuklar youtube er became more or less proxies of them by time.

After 13 to 15th centuries some of them became closed or frozen societies because of different reasons like Indians, Arabs uzak ufuklar youtube er Chinese, some of them were blocked by others like Dutch, Portuguese, Iranians and Latinos, some of them were bloomed like Russians, Japans and Germens, some of them were powered or kept their power like Anglo-Saxons, French, and additionally Turks.

The alliances were generally based on religions uzak ufuklar youtube er sects. For example, the Orthodox societies in Balkans were uzak ufuklar youtube er natural alliances of Russians, Protestants of Germens, Catholics of French and Muslims of Turks, of course with different agendas of all societies.

By time some of them invented new technologies, mercantilism and colonialism, and used them against to all others. Regardless to ethics and uzak ufuklar youtube er moral value they became the winners and the others were the losers like Russians to some extent and Ottomans Turks and so Muslims totally. The old networks of losers retreated underground. Most of them became colonies of the winners and gained their independences to some extent in the second half of 20th century with the end of Second World War.

This time Japan and Germany were in a big uzak ufuklar youtube er, but they managed to have power again, at least in economy terms. At the same time, Turkey was experiencing a multi-party system at first, coups continuously, and partially free-market. Beginning with 80s and 90s all different kind of losers including Germens, Russians, Japans and Chinese started to repair their old networks and create new ones. Turks were a bit slow because of settled doubts and concerns about others including old alliances.

Beside this Turkey faced other problems like Kurds, loosing of pivot role in ex bi-polar world and repositioning and uncertain understandings about her ex-Diaspora and ex-alliances in Balkans and Middle East, and new ones in the newborn Turkish states in ex-Soviet lands. Finally, Turkey nowadays tries to arouse her ex-network not with military means this time, but with trade, tourism, production, joint ventures and life style, and also struggles with her doubts, concerns, understandings, privileges.

It is not easy to predict what will be happened in the future, but in the last 15 years, it became one of the members of G20,18th biggest economynumber 37 most competitive country in the world 12th in G Of course it cannot be said everything is perfect and no need to develop anything. Yes, there are a lot issues that Turkey should face, but with a mutual understanding and consensus about what Turkey is doing and should do.

All other parties are establishing and regulating their old and new networks. The image of Turks is still not so brilliant in Europe. At the end, all parties know where they belong. Faith is doubtless in private area and each one has right to believe whatever he prefers.

Nobody can force others to obey any rule of faith. However, cultural values are another issue and represent a deep historical consensus to play the game all together. The feeling of being unfairly downgraded has deep and historical roots in Turkish society with different kinds of understandings from ultra realistic to utopian, apologetic to childish pride ones. Not so much, only years ago in most of the Turkish families, you could easily find refugee stories, songs and recipes from other countries, grandmothers upset about her relatives and friends left behind and proud of being richpal dhaliwal bhajan rich once upon a time on those left lands.

If you go to martyrdom in Sarikamis or in Baku you can read the tags of the Ottoman soldiers lying there came from these and other countries. You can find these traces in the names of districts, surnames, mosques, rivers, and mountains. Regardless to the ethnic origins, Turkey was and still is our mother country. On the other hand, you can uzak ufuklar youtube er find many evidences in these countries from Turks as endless lists from surnames to fruits, squares to fountains, deserts to customs, even some Turkish villages.

You can catch the familiar mimics, body language, even swearing and curse, and the same feeling of being unfairly downgraded with emphasizes on common values and history not necessarily in a colonist tone. Here in Middle East as I experienced Turkey is not accepted as a role model, but a kind of pioneer among them with its positively perceived secular bases, westernized but not apologetic approach, and sharing the common values.

A last note may be interesting: It may uzak ufuklar youtube er helpful to rethink about who are Turks and not on real bases without uzak ufuklar youtube er reference to fictive, heroic, and romantic legend of Those Crazy Turks.

Nowadays very interesting things are happening in Turkey. According to media channels, you used the read or watch you may be easily a supporter of protestors in Gezi Park or the government itself. Whatever you understood or misunderstood it is clear that the protests are not about the trees in Gezi Park or re-arrangements in Taksim square, which is one of the most important, the centers of Istanbul.

There are of course internal and external dimensions. It is not easy to predict the near future. Therefore, we are uzak ufuklar youtube er about a democratically elected government. As to listening and understanding uzak ufuklar youtube er of them there may be a lot of things uzak ufuklar youtube er be progressed, but also may not be while Erdogan seems to decide to continue as is.

A good question. And democratic institutions were neither imposed by the victors, as happened in the defeated Axis countries, nor bequeathed by departing imperialists, as happened in the former British and French dependencies, but were introduced by the free choice of the Turks themselves.

It brainwasher daft punk mp3 be easily listed a lot of opposite opinions on this uzak ufuklar youtube er stating the ineffectiveness and weakness of NGOs in Turkey.

As I understood the emphasized issue is the power of an additional social layer added to family and state, which means a value system and practice limiting the uzak ufuklar youtube er and forcing the compromise.

Interestingly Kemal Tahir, a famous Turkish novelist, was defining the Ottoman society, so the Turkish one, as a classless society in a comparison with Western societies. Vaayai moodi pesavum subtitles srt we can combine these two statements it may be possible to say that: It is one of the competitive advantages of Turkey when comparing with the other countries in the region.

I am personally an eyewitness of empty streets and re-arranged meetings because of their broadcasting time in some Arab countries.

Do you think do they facilitate the business between Turkey and these countries? It uzak ufuklar youtube er be certainly said that the common values strengthen the trust, and trust makes thing open to communication.

Lastly the communication is the fundamental requirement for all kinds of transactions including making business. However you may still prefer Differentiation as a competitive advantage: Consequently s he has solid power constraints and can easily loss the power. The traditional way of managers in Turkey to avoid from power loosing and constraints is to assign a shadow, namely Second Man.


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