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The rest of these trophies are all located in the other Arkham Knight HQ building, which you can get to after facing The Arkham Knight by going. The trophy is well-exposed - Riddler trophies in the Arkham Knight HQ (1 Soon , you will notice the trophy in front of Batman and you need to catch it with the. Hq Online - Baixar Quadrinhos - Ler Hq Online - Contos em Quadrinhos em Cbr e PDF Hq Comics - Manga Online para ler em seu celular ou em seu computador. Trindade – Universo DC Renasce · Um Conto de Batman – Gotham City.

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The headquarters are divided into two separate buildings, and are located in the middle of Gotham's Founders' Island. You can find a list of the Collectiblesand where to find them, below. Arkham Knight HQ Locations 1 - When you first enter the large shaft in the HQ, grapple up all the way to the top in Level 1. At the very top floor, you'll find the trophy sitting on a desk.

While your up in Level 1 from the previous trophy, look for a door locked by a control panel, use the Remote Hacking Device to open it password: Semiconductors and take a good look at the puzzle before you. You need to guide a charge from the Remote Electrical Charge Gun through a series of tubes that needs to be changed with a batarang to the question switch.

Start the charge, then quickly help it along to the end to get the trophy. In the middle of level 2, across from the entrance, is a large alcove with a set of monitors. Hitting the switch in the middle will show a question mark on one of the smaller monitors.

Hit the switch again when the circle is around the smaller question mark. Do this three times to get the trophy. Located at the top of level 4, and hqs do batman pc bottom of level 3, look for a long vertical puzzle block with three circles. You will need to activate the circles with the Remote Hacking Device, and guide the ball down by changing the path with a batarang to the switch.

Make sure it is guided along the path with the wall, and does not fall out, or you'll have to start over. Located just above the previous puzzle on the opposite side, drive the Batmobile down the side with the winch, and stop on the pressure pad.

Now look to the opposite side at the puzzle. You need to guide three riddler balls to the very bottom by blocking the false exits. You need to do this three times, and if you let too many fall into the other holes, you'll have to do it again. Travel down to the top of level 5 and bottom of level 4, and look for a side alcove with some Arkham Knight banners, head down the corridor and make a left over the signs to an elevator. Look up the shaft to a sealed wall, and use the REC Gun to ride the elevator up to the wall.

Blast it with some Explosive Gel and get the trophy. Back in m2n68-am plus audio driver alcove with the branching path to the elevator, instead head to the dead end. Note that there's a wall vent on the other side, and climb over the Arkham Knight banner to find the vent.

When you get to the trophy, use the REC Gun to move the ball through the maze and into the hole where you can grab it. Head down to the bottom floor and enter a side passage with a turret and an open elevator shaft. Enter the shaft and grapple up to the floor above. On this floor, check the elevator door next to you for a terminal, and hack it with the Remote Hacking Device password: The trophy may look out of reach, but just look beneath the glass floor of the elevator to find a new terminal to hack, opening the path to the trophy.

On the bottom floor of the HQ, enter the large room where the Militia briefing was taking place, and look above a lounge area for the trophy hiding in plain sight. In the same room, there's an elevator shaft in the corner. The trophy is right before the elevator, hiding behind a manequin. On the opposite side of Level 5, along the ground floor, look for an alcove with a turret in the corner.

Carefully make your way near it and blind it with the Remote Hacking Device, then stand on the pad to open a wall grate. Quickly fire a Remote Batarang down the grate all the way down and to hqs do batman pc right to hit a switch.

Re-blind the turret, and throw another Batarang in to find the electrical charge, then guide it out to the turret and hit the switch. Now run over and disable the turret and get the trophy.

If you look where the Execavator Tunnels are now blocked, you'll find there's no trophy nearby. However, aim for a ledge just above the tunnel and you'll find an elevator shaft on level 4. Hqs do batman pc all the way down the shaft to level 5 by raising the elevator up with the REC Gun, and find the trophy below it. The rest of these trophies are all located in the other Arkham Knight HQ building, which you can get to after facing The Arkham Knight by going down the elevator located on the top floor of the opposite building.

Once inside, head to the left side of the room. On the upper level, use the REC Gun on the puzzle box to rotate it, sending the trophy ball into the hole where you can get it. Look below the previous trophy area, and you will find the trophy hiding along a wall near the very end. Walk up to the main platform of the Arkham Knight HQ, and enter the floor grate at the top of the stairs. Crawl back into a tunnel area where you first entered the base during open source web content management system Main Story, and look for a trophy across the top of a large ledge.

Head to the North hall of the base and look for the last room where a Riddler puzzle has been placed. Here you'll get to play a game of Memory - Use the Remote Hacking Device to match two objects realtek audio driver software, and match them all to get the trophy.

In the same area of the base, look for a long asian themed table, and check under the middle of the hqs do batman pc for the trophy. Move towards the Southern end of the base, and find the second set of escalators.

Walk down and then look under the ceiling just ahead of it to find a trophy tucked away. On the upper level, look along the sides of the South end to find a sealed up storefront. Hack the nearby terminal password: Inside you'll find a Riddler Bot and two sentry guns looking at the trophy. Blind the far one with the Remote Hacking Device, and have the Bot disable the other turret, then grab the trophy.

The next trophy is found on the East side near the far hqs do batman pc, behind another shuttered storefront. Hack the terminal password: Here you'll have another puzzle of guiding a charge to the goal - but you'll need to guide two seperate charges while constantly moving pipes in the correct areas to guide both sides all the way across in time. In hqs do batman pc of the broken windows, you'll find mannequins garbed with the Mad Hatter's bunny masks.

To find this riddle, take the long elevator down into the main Arkham Knight HQ after you have defeated the Arkham Knight, and enter the lower level of the far left hqs do batman pc, where you will find some equipment and crates onthe hqs do batman pc side.

Behind those crates is a small wallspace with photos hqs do batman pc them - Scan them to solve the riddle. After defeating the Arkham Knight, return to the main HQ where you fought and look along the right side of the bottom floor hqs do batman pc the escalator to find a sealed shop window crawling with bugs.

Scan it to solve the riddle. July 9, at 9: Was this guide helpful? YES NO. Riddler Trophy Locations. Breakable Object Locations.

Arkham Knight HQ Level 1. Remote Hacking Device. Batmobile Winch. Remote Hacking Device, Voice Synthesizer.


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