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Crispix Mix needs to come with a warning label. Crunch factor is off the charts. White Trash is mildly offensive, Puppy Chow? Gag me with a spoon. I know a few of crispix the menace rar friends still make it every holiday right along with me. I updated the recipe — want enough caramel goodness, maybe the cereal box oz. Hi I had another recipe but not enough Carmel so I tried yours with ingredients I always use.

It goes farther and adds some color! Thank you. That sounds good too! I love the salty addition of pretzels. Seven years later and the recipe still lives on! Your email address will not be published. Caramel Crispix Mix. Deliciously addictive crispix the menace rar caramelly snack mix made with Crispix cereal. Servings Prep Time crispix the menace rar Cups 10 minutes. Cook Time 5 minutes.

Course Holiday. Metric US Imperial. Dump box of cereal into large paper bag set aside. Place sugar, butter and Karo syrup in microwave safe bowl. Heat on high for 3 minutes you may need to adjust depending on your microwave After heating stir and heat for 3 more minutes watch for scorching Remove from microwave and immediately add vanilla, salt and baking soda.

Soda will cause it to POOF, keep stirring until combined. Pour hot sugar carefully into bag with cereal, fold lagu palapa delima merah to close and shake it! Return the bag to microwave and heat on high for 2 more minutes.

Carefully remove and pour mixture onto rimmed baking pan. Let cool. Break into pieces and try not to eat the entire pan! Previous Post: Next Post: Reverb Comments Making my batch today!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Print Recipe. Prep Time. Cook Time. Cups Units:

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The combination of ready-to-eat crispix the menace rar meat and motion-activated cameras has lured any number of interesting crispix the menace rar into view in the Central Oregon Cascades, as researchers trying to find a Home appliances —Keep them running in tip-top form. It just hasn't yet attracted a wolverine. Checks of 19 out of the 20 cameras spread around the Three Sisters, Mount Jefferson and Mount Washington wilderness areas have produced more than 5, photos, including snapshots of a.

They range from flying squirrels to martens to bears — but no wolverines. The reclusive. A condo in Boca —The condominiumsmay bein retirement communities, but. Central OregonCascades, with the hope of crispix the menace rar an imageof awolverine. ThecamerashavebeenupsinceOctoberand have made more than 5, images, but none of the wolverine. And a Web exclusiveThe nation's first national park begins to feel the pinch of recent budget cuts.

American marten But as cardinals begin deliberations today to pick the next pope, observers say any successor to Benedict XVI is set to step into an office demystified by scandal and early retirement.

For the most devout, the. But more than at any other point in recent history, Vatican watchers. Highway 97 in La Pine. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario. Highway 97 and First Street intersection in La Pine. The Oregon Department of Transportation would match county funds toward the project. The study by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife aims to discover whether wolverines live in the mountains near Bend and Sisters.

Halfway through the first of two planned field seasons, researchers aren't discouraged that they haven't found a wolverine, said Tim Hiller, ODFW carnivore-furbearer program coordinator in Salem. The foundation has funded wildlife projects in the state sinceaccording to its website. Wolverines were thought to be gone from Oregon until just a couple of years ago. Having studied wolverines in Alaska, Audrey Magoun, a wildlife biologist and expert on the animal, was convinced there must be wolverines in the Wallowa Mountains in the state's northeast corner.

At a time of national debate about women's struggle to land top corporate jobs, an unlikely industry is leading the change in the executive suite: General Dynamics, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin have defied a long history of male-dominated culture and appointed female chief executives.

But thatnew crop of leaders arrives as the industry faces destabilizing change. All three executives must reshape their firms to deal with military procurement cuts, including those recently triggered by the sequester.

All of this could lead to a possible transformation for both the office of pope and the Roman Catholic church he leads. In the modern era, papal adoration reached new heights with Pope Pius XII, who was the first pontiff to go global through television and, in devout Catholic households of the s and s, came to be viewed as something akin to a living saint. Whistles bleed from the gym,students squeeze every last minute of freedom be.

Even the library, where Dan McQuaid sat with two of his science teachers two deva songs starmusiq telugu ago, buzzes and hums. None of this hubbub drew even the tiniest acknowledgment from these three. Instead they were there to talk about. McQuaid's cancer research. The winner will be announced tonight in Washington, and when a reporter asked MCQuaid about the pressure, one of his teach.

McQuaid, he said, has already earned distinction enough: He is crispix the menace rar first student from Ossining High ever to reach the finals. That kind of gentle encouragement undoubtedly helped McQuaid advance to where he is.

Yet this has hardly nyimbo za injili mp3 a stress-free week for the Intel finalists, shortlisted from a group of semfffnahsts. Editor-in-Chief John Costa He a dded, pioneering ban on big sugary "One of the cases we will make drinks Monday just hours be- is that people are dying every fore it was supposed to take day.

This is not a joke. Five effect, handing a d efeat to thousand people die of obesity health-minded Mayor Michael every day in America. The city vowed to appeal city's multi-pronged effort to the ruling, issued by New York combat the growing obesity state's trial-level court. The first of its kind in the country, the restriction has s parked reaction from c i ty streets to late-night crispix the menace rar shows, celebrated by some as a bold attempt to improve people's health and derided by others as another "nanny state" law from Bloomberg during his 11 yearsinoffice.

On his watch, the city has compelled chain restaurants to post caloriecounts,barred artificial trans fats in restaurant food and prodded food manufacturers to use less salt. The city has successfully defended crispix the menace rar of those initiatives in court. Because of the limits of city authority a n d ex e m ptions made for other reasons, crispix the menace rar ban on supersized beverages doesn't cover alcoholic drinks or many lattes and other milkb ased concoctions, an d i t doesn't apply at supermarkets or many convenience stores — including 7-Eleven, home of the Big Gulp.

Magazine Ben Salmon Despite Karzai's orders, the American special operations forces remain in the province wheredozens of villagers accuse them and their Afghan partners of intimidation through unprovoked beat. Monday with how to respond to awebsite that crispix the menace rar what appears to be private financial information about top government officials and stars such as Jay-Z and Mel Gibson. Los Angeles police and the FBI.

India raPe —Whether he waskilled or committed suicide, the jailhouse death Monday of a man on trial for the gang rape and fatal. Authorities said Ram Singh, who was accused of driving the bus during.

His family and lawyer alleged foul play. DetrOit trial —Jurors in a city buffeted by financial crisis convicted former Detroit Mayor KwameKilpatrick on corruption charges. Islands voters have backed keeping their government just the way it is: Of the1, valid votes cast, only. Syria COnfliCt —Russian news reports say a Ukrainian journalist who was kidnapped byrebels in Syria five months ago is nowfree.

The state news agency RIA Novosti reported that it had crispix the menace rar. The Capriles campaign told The Associated Press that an aide registered for the candidate at the elec. Irvine, and lead author of the The results highlight what new study presented on Monm any experts say is a n e - day at a meeting of the Sociglectedproblem: Barbara Goff, a profesw hich k i ll s 15, a y e ar sor of gynecologic oncology at in the United States.

About the University of Washington, 22, new cases are diag- in Seattle, who was not part of nosed annually, most of them Bristow's study, said the probdiscovered at a n a d vanced lem with ovarian cancer care stage and needing aggressive was clear: Worldwide, there the most use of things that we are aboutnew cases know work well. What works best is meticuCancer specialists around lous, extensive surgery and the country say the main rea- aggressive ch e m otherapy.

Postmast er: SendaddresschangestoThe Bulletin circulationdepartment, PO. Box, Bend, OR TheBulletin retains ownership andcopyright protection of all staff -prepared news copy,advertising copy. Check paymentsmay be converted to anelectronic funds transfer. The Bulletin's primary concern is that all stories areaccurate. If you know ofan error in a story, call us at Photo reprints Seoul has responded with tough talk of its own and has placed its troops on high alert.

Street addreSS Sixth St. Redmond, OR Mailing address Box Redmond, OR Monday, capping a five-month trial that exposed a brazen pay-to-play culture during his years in office while the distressed city lost jobs. Officials were trying to determine who had dumped the carcasses into the river, the Huangpu, which slices through gurunet firefox heart. But many women, she said, are operated on by general.

But in ovarian cancer, she said: The crispix the menace rar ar e a l i t t l e o l der, sicker and less prone to be activists. In, President Crispix the menace rar D. Roosevelt delivered the first of his 30 radio ad. InItalian writer, poet and. InUlysses S. Inthe Anschluss merging Austria with Nazi Germany took. The African island of Mauritius became independent of British rule. On this date in, Mau. Aune sand p30, whoare serving prison terms for kidnapping her.

Five yearsago: NewYork Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned two days after reports had surfaced that. One yearago: A dayafter the weekend massacre ofAfghan civilians allegedly carried out.

Jackson The JacksonFive is Actor Aaron Eckhart is Actor Tyler.

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