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This classic arcade game by Bally Midway was essentially Aliens: The Video Game, No one's Atari or NES could match the hi-res graphics or. This classic arcade game by Bally Midway was essentially Aliens: The Video Game, No one's Atari or NES could match the hi-res graphics or. Xenophobe is a arcade game developed and published by Bally Midway. Starbases . (the and XE versions were developed by BlueSky software, and the Lynx version was developed by Epyx) while Sunsoft ported it to the NES. Back in , David Sheff published Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped Where that title spoke of fear-mongering and xenophobia that didn't.

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Oh no! We could not detect that Flash was enabled for your browser. This game requires Adobe Flash to play, so please install or enable it if you wish to play. In the xenophobia game nes humans have colonised the moon and the far reaches of space xenophobia game nes civilization thrives! In the brilliant Xenophobe you must take up arms and blast the hell out of all the crazy aliens to save your species! Xenophobe is an online retro game which you can play for free here at playretrogames.

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The year: The place: The target: I nervously waited my turn to play what might be the greatest arcade game of all time — Xenophobe. This classic arcade game by Xenophobia game nes Midway was essentially Aliens: The Video Gameexcept they never bothered to buy the license. The players represented space explorers who were sent to clear various space colonies from alien infestation. The premise by itself is awesome, but Xenophobe did more with it than any other game of the era.

For one thing, you could play cooperatively with up to three players, each with his or her own section of screen. You could wander the levels indepedently, but also team up. Xenophobe had a bunch of elements that are familiar in modern console games, but were revolutionary at the time. You could choose from among nine different characters. A bunch of different weapons were xenophobia game nes, from laser rifles to flame throwers.

There were even useful objects that could be used to accomplish side quests, like repairing the grenade dispenser or using the teleporter. The aliens themselves Xenos started as eggs, hatched into face-huggers, and eventually grew into warriors. There were alien queens to battle, too no mechanical xenophobia game nes, though.

Each level of the game was a persistent world — if you dropped axxion wild racer itunes weapon and left the room, it would still be there when you came back. And if one of your buddies got killed by an alien acid-spitter, a dismayed looking skeleton would sit there for the rest of the game.

Xenophobe was ported to several home console systems, but back then, home consoles paled in comparison to the arcade version. No one's Atari or NES could match the hi-res graphics or three-player cooperative gameplay of a true Xenophobe cabinet. Ironically, as you sit back in the comfort of your home playing Gears of War 2 or Fallout 3, it's Xenophobe you can thank. Thanks, Xenophobe!

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