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Solved: if i try and use iplayer on my psvita it say i need the latest version of adobe flash player. But when i go to abobe web site it say my. Here are the steps to receive the Flash player update 1. Visit the adobe site from a pc 2. dl the adobe software 3. hook up the PS Vita via cable. PlayStation Vita will not be able to play Flash games through its internet browser, a new report claims. According to a 1Up profile of the. There is no flash plug in for PS vita All sites will now have to switch to HTML5 or DEADICATED apps per device unless they want a loss in. Download Adobe Flash Player 11 For Ps Vita - best software for Windows. Adobe Flash Player: Adobe Flash Player Standalone is a free program that can be.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: All of your questions ask for information that hasnt been released yet. With that said, I will try to answer them. Just dont hold me accountable if I am wrong ; 1. If you are talking about the internet browser, it should. Will it be the current version? That we do not know. How long is the battery life? It was reported that the battery life is to be the same as playstation vita flash player PSP.

However, if you get the 3G model, im sure the battery will be drained quicker. Unless they give it a stronger battery for that model that compensates. Will the price drop? WiFi model- Habibi ya 3ini mp3 price will not drop any time soon. If the price were to drop, it would take an average of 1. Will it have sports games like 2K and Madden and others?

There are many sports games for the current PSPs. It is very likely the game developers will want to develop for the PS Vita. Overall, Yes, there should be sports games on it. You shouldnt even ask. Sports games should arrive on the PS Vita after a year probably. Is it as powerful as the Xbox ? This answer varies. The Vita does have a more powerful CPU. But the GPU on the is probably stronger.

You are kinda comparing Apples to Oranges. PS Vita is a handheld, which arent so powerful in general. Its a handheld though. However, the Vita is very powerful for being a handheld. Source s: Add a comment. Asker's rating. Actually all this information has been released 1.

No, that will not be offered 2. Playstation vita flash player hours 3. The price will drop just like with any other item over time. It will probably go down about 50 dollars after 2 years. This is my complete speculation as a Best Playstation vita flash player employee who works in the videogame section.

That is the only thing I'm speculating on. Yes it will offer these games. They will be offered whenever the manufacterer of those games decided to release them 5. Powerful as in the amount it can compute? Powerful as in memory? But more powerful as in the speed and frames of images per second. Yes more info is always on the official playstation vita flash player blog blog. That hasn't been revealed yet - it's a possibility but i reckon it's unlikely 2.

My estimate is about 3 or 4 hours of solid gaming 3. It's coming out pretty close to Christmas, so a lot of people will be buying them and the price may not be dropped for a few months 4. Yes definitely - the games currently being advertised for the Vita are just the ones that are coming out immediately with it, sports games will probably be brought out on the Vita at the same time as they are on home consoles 5.

Well it wont be quite as powerful, the xbox is a home console after all. But it's definitely the closest you're gonna get from a handheld, that's for sure. There is a lot of tech packed into that machine, and I mean a lot. The playstation vita does not have the potential to upscale the photos hyperic 5.0 agent psp video games.

If something they might seem somewhat worse because of the fact the exhibit screen length is larger and the video games can frequently seem blown playstation vita flash player or basically lots crappier than you undergo in strategies. No one knows yet i think probably not extreamly long Yes it will id say 2 years and the wifi version will be down to mabey but that depends if sony makes more models like the psp Yes EA is parteners with sony Probably weaker but not by lot.

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playstation vita flash player

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Visit the adobe site from a pc 2. Wait for your PC to recognize the system 5. Now install the flash software you just got from the site 6.

Cant wait! That is very interesting, I will try that soon. If anyone else tries it first, post results here please. I can see no way a Vita owner would not want that info. I have been saying some of the fanboys around here act like viral marketers, playstation vita flash player almost backs it up. HR's boss fights. Improvements to the web browser will be included in a future firmware update. That shows you how much of a joke the mods here are. Sony 3DS. Hunter posted Why would a mod delete his post?

Aadrian Why would a mod delete his post? The only reason i can think is that it obviously doesn't work so it's false info. Only people that think that playstation vita flash player would work, are those that epc rating bureau no idea how software works. Monopoman posted It was a joke for crying out load. Can't you people catch a hint? If you can't detect sarcasm then maybe you guys should use the search function next time Surrender Before ME!

I have never plugged my vita into a PC before, so I don't know. And if Wxmacmolplt youtube was asking a question, why joke about it?

More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Hunter Hunter 6 years ago 11 iDoneGotU posted Aadrian Aadrian Topic Creator 6 years ago 16 Hunter posted Monopoman Monopoman 6 years ago 18 Only people that think that process would work, are those that have no idea how software works. Mobage Discussion Topic 4 Community.

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