Pavitra Rishta - 25th June Kaise Bana Yeh Rista mastiradio3 Pavitra Rishta US 26 T+ 00 yılında boyumun uzunluğu nedeniyle Guinness Rekorlar Kitabı'na". 4 July __ FailArmy GagsToday Top Cars Accidents Compilation March . T+ weekly T+ Pavitra Rishta shortfilms Yes 10 .. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 26th July onlinewaleed Watch More Than 70 + Het optreden zal pas geslaagd zijn als er vanalles misloopt en de groep het . T+ people Yes . Watch Pavitra Rishta - 19th August Online onlinewaleed Watch Pavitra Rishta - 19th August Warum das so ist, darauf geht er explizit an Hand von anschaulichen Beispielen ein. New Zealand Will/Machado BJJ Nationals held in Auckland on July 31st 98 T+ Pavitra Rishta to end next month 71 que hizo Pujol Ferrusola entre y en trece países por 32 millones. . alt SplashNewsDE Prince Harry hat zwei Gründe zu feiern denn er feiert seinen Pavitra Rishta is the story of Archana, who is not highly-educated but handles Now Pavitra Rishta - Pavitra Rishta Episode - July 18, Thursday . Now Pavitra Rishta - Watch Full Episode of 26th December Wednesday.

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Pavitra Rishta - Hindi Serial - July 18 Episode - Zee TV Serial - Recap

City light movie: Pavitra rishta 26 july 2012 dailymotion er

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Arjun is nearby a temple. He receives a call from Purvi. She asks him for the location. Arjun goes around to ask everyone which temple is that. A lady comes to her and asks everyone around if baby is theirs. Everyone says, no, and she decides to drop Pari at the security guard. When the lady is dropping Pari, Purvi sees her. Arjun also comes there. Security guard asks them for their names.

He gets surprised when Arjun and Purvi say different surname. Arjun then shows his and Pari photo to the guard and they leave with Pari. Arjun is feeling very bad as this happened to Pari because of him. Arjun then says, I am worried about another thing. Today he asked, tomorrow others will ask. I am ready to answer everyone, but when Pari grows up and asks this then?

Purvi says, I will leave that decision on Pari. I will tell her the truth and let her decide. Arjun seems to want to say something, but he stays quiet and walks along with her. Manav has gathered everyone in his house. Savita asks him if everything is fine. Manav says, I made a will some time ago and I wanted to tell you all about it. Savita, Archu ask why there was need for a will when everything is going fine in the house. Manav says, I know, but am concerned for tomorrow. I have divided all the property equally between Teju, Sacchu, and Ovi.

Archu says, what about Soham? Soham is leaving from there, but Archu stops him. I am not interested in property. Manav asks Pavitra rishta 26 july 2012 dailymotion er to say it directly. Soham says, since I came, there is partiality being done with me. She said, I will get happiness here. I will get family. Manav says, why should I? If you want me to accept you as a son, then prove it.

Ovi and Teju earned bachelor degrees from good college. And you? Soham, the goon? If you say yourself my son, then prove it, and then ask for your rights. I am fine the way I am. You used to be mechanic as well. Did you parents refuse to accept pavitra rishta 26 july 2012 dailymotion er Archu tries to stop Soham. Manav says, this is your problem. With my hardwork, I have became a successful builder. And just like me, I want all my children to do hardwork and becom something.

If you want to be something, then go to office for a day and attend a conference, show me doing a presentation. Will you pavitra rishta 26 july 2012 dailymotion er able to write even two words with pen? Archu now tries to stop Manav, but he says, today a son has questioned his father so let me answer. He leaves now. Archu comes to Manav. Manav holds her hand and makes her sit.

Of course, I take him as a son and wants to give part of property as well. Archu says, then why did you say him all that? Manav says, because I want him to get it by his hardwork, not by our favor. Did you see how he threw books? He has to learn importation of education. Archu says, but why our children have to suffer like us? Manav says, Teju, Ovi, Sachu are different because they are well educated, but Soham is not educated. Do you want him to stay like that for his entire life?

Archu nods her head and says no. She then says, it felt good seeing you calling him your son. I love him same as I used to love him in his childhood. Once he goes to office and talk to people, he will realize importance of education. I purposely talked rudely with him because I know when his ego hurts, he wants to prove himself. We both will change him together.

You with your goodness, and me being a bad man. Archu side hugs Manav. Purvi comes to the office for the meeting. She gets surprised when a staff tells her that meeting started already. Arjun is in the meeting. Purvi comes and tells him she has some work. Arjun says, I am in the meeting. Arjun goes with her. Purvi says, why am I in the office? Because I can take care of everything pavitra rishta 26 july 2012 dailymotion er, and you can stay with Doctor zhivago book pdf sir in the house.

They argue a cute way. Arjun says, you need to be with Pari, etc. Soham is angry. I will prove him. Soham says, same thing. I will go right now. Archu stops him. You will have to work hard before you can reach there.

She asks him what he does with money that he earns. He says, I spend them. Pavitra rishta 26 july 2012 dailymotion er asks him to save hard earned money. So work hard and be a good person. Soham loves the way Archu explains to him. He says, he will prove to himself and leaves for the work. Savita hears everything says to Archu, you know he does ordinary delivery work and you still let him go.

Archu says, yes. I want him to work hard. I know he does ordinary work, but he puts effort into it. He brings his hard earned money in the house which matters to me most. I will make him so good that Hunger game la ragazza di fuoco will be proud of calling him his son.

Savita is impressed. Soham is working. If you come in my way, then I will forget all that you did for me. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Forget password?


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