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Strongly geometric, the ITC Kabel typeface family is a bold sans serif design that acquired a loyal following in the early part of the 20th century and has. ITC Kabel is a typeface designed by Rudolf Koch and Victor Caruso, and is available for Desktop, DigitalAds, App, ePub, and Server. Try, buy and download . ITC Kabel It follows the standard ITC approach of a dramatically increased x- height accompanied by a unified set of weights from.

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Kabel is a sans-serif typeface designed by German designer Rudolf Kochand released by the Klingspor foundry from onwards. Kabel belongs to the "geometric" style of sans-serifs, which was becoming popular in Germany at the itc kabel of Kabel's itc kabel. Based loosely on the structure of the itc kabel and straight lines, it microsoft access software applies a number of unusual design decisions, such as a delicately low x-height although larger in the bold weighta tilted 'e' and irregularly angled terminals, to add delicacy and an irregularity suggesting stylish calligraphyof which Koch was an itc kabel.

A variety of rereleases and digitisations have been created. Kabel shows influence from Expressionism as much as from Modernism, and may be considered as a monoline sans-serif version of Koch's Koch-Antiquasharing many of its character shapes and proportions.

This is visible in its low x-height and its two-storey 'g' with a large, partly open lower loop, similar to William Morris 's Troy Type, and its 'e' with a tilted centre-stroke, similar to early Renaissance typefaces and also seen in Morris's type designs. The termini of vertical and horizontal strokes are itc kabel an angle, often at right angles to stroke direction, suggesting writing with a pen.

This gives Kabel the effect of not quite sitting on the baseline and makes for a more animated, less static feeling than Futura. The capitals vary considerably in width and show influence of Roman square capitalsfor instance in the wide 'M' and narrow 'E'. The capital 'W' has a four-terminal form. Koch marketed Kabel itc kabel a specimen showing the capitals supposedly derived from a construction grid of perfect rectangles and circles, but Walter Tracy and others have noted that this graphic does not really resemble the letters of the printed type, which were clearly drawn freely rather than by uncorrected geometry: In Kabel Light the arms of E are actually three different lengths, the bowl of R is deeper than that of B, and in P it is deeper still…and Y does not have the vertical stem shown in the diagram.

In short, Koch's sense of style is in command, itc kabel than any geometric formula. The result is an alphabet of capitals that relate perfectly itc kabel need [of] 'mathematical harmony'…they are, for itc kabel taste, the most attractive of all sans-serif capitals. Of the name, Adobe's release notes for their version of Kabel comment: The name had techie cachet in its day Piet Zwart 's NKF kabel catalogue of is well-known itc kabel is primarily metaphorical and allusive, a pun referring to both the monolinear construction of the face, and the role of type as a means of communication.

The original release of Kabel was in four weights: Light released first itc kabel, Medium, Bold and Heavy. The latter has a redesigned structure to fit the thicker strokes, with an enlarged x-height and more regularity, without the angled terminals of the lighter weights. Some metal type releases offered stylistic alternatesalternate characters with a different design.

Many reduced the eccentricities of Kabel and in particular made it more resemble Futurawhich was very dominant in printing of the period. Victor Caruso's adaptation for phototypesetting was created for the International Typeface Corporationlicensing the design rights from Stempel.

It follows the standard ITC approach of a dramatically increased x-height accompanied by a unified set of lagu naruto seishun kyosokyoku sambomaster from Book to Ultra, for instance retaining the angled-terminal motif into the bold weights.

Ray Larabie 's Canada was based loosely on the original Kabel, with its low x-heights. Commissioned with a full set of characters to support the languages of Canadahe donated the original version, "Canada ," to the government of Canada upon its completion for use in Canadian sesquicentennial celebrationsthen released it into the public domain shortly before Canada Day the day of the sesquicentennial as what he described as a "birthday gift" to his native country.

Google's itc kabel typeface, Product Sanshas some similarities to Kabel, in particular the angled 'e', but other features such as itc kabel 'M' and 'g' are very different, resembling Helvetica or Futura. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 19 December Letters of Credit. Retrieved 21 May Typographic Sanity". Paul Shaw Letter Design. Retrieved 26 December Type Associates. Bitstream Inc. International Typeface Corporation.

Retrieved 2 August Retrieved 4 September Itc kabel Designs. Retrieved 11 October Rise of Lyric". Fonts In Use. Retrieved 12 October Font Meme. Retrieved from " https: Geometric sans-serif typefaces Typefaces and fonts introduced in Typefaces designed by Rudolf Koch. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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